Saturday, 23 January 2010

Alizarin Goldflake at Sapphos Commons

Now, Alizarin Goldflake is no stranger to these pages and no stranger than anyone else you would meet.
She has a big show on at Sapphos Commons that opens today, Saturday... full details here...

Now Sapphos Commons is not somewhere I have visited before and it’s always a surprise to find large community based projects going about their business which you/I have never heard of, I guess I don’t get out much...

There’s a web page sum up..
“This is a cooperative project, ....This community was started in the late summer of 2008 through the efforts of:
Impression Melina,
Tasha Kostolany,
Melvin Starbrook,
Beauti Sorbet,
Energy Sosa,
Kyllie Wylie,
Sano Ra,
Marlena Poliatevska.”

Anyway... Aliz does beautiful digital drawings which you can now buy from her website (see above) which would hang nicely inbetween your Nishi oil-paintings...hehhehe....

and....RobertSteven Smythe you will maybe know in connection with of the great curators, I think.

"The new Art Conservatory and coffee bar is a perfect place to simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings, read a book and chat with other visitors, and is now scheduled to have art exhibitions by SecondLife's most famous artists, sculptors, and workers in other types of media.

Art Conservatory Exhibitions are via the courtesy of RobertSteven Smythe, our
Art Curator, and Tasha Kostolany, our Design Director.

A big "Thank you" to RobertSteven Smyth, Tasha Kostolany,
and to Meagan Thespian for all their work and dedication .... "

Detailed information about the Art Conservatory Project via the following

The upshot of all this is......a must see...


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