Sunday, 31 January 2010

That was another week....

...and a strange one it was too. Apparently the boys are upgrading the wires and replacing the bits of chewing gum that hold all the servers together, so we shouldn't complain that things are absolutely horrible online ....well... they could at least say sorry.....on their status page...couldn't they??...

Last time I complained about the lack of info on the status page a certain Ari Blackthorne TM simply commented with the address of the status page, if you crashed several times today and would find....

"[Resolved] 1/29/2010 2:03 pm PST The issue with the regAPI has been resolved.
1/29/2010 12:35 pm PST
Some residents have been experiencing failures with the Second Life regAPI for certain requests. We are working on a resolution right now. Please check back to this blog for updates."

My previous complaint was that they only told you when stuff was allegedly fixed... (what's a regAPI anyway??)

Well, regAPI or not, things have been soooo slow loading.... the above photo is me inspecting sand at 0,0,0...hmmm.... immersive, I guess.

I have spent all of my time underwater this week when not dancing my spare time away with the lovely Nur in my local opium den.
Maeve and I are creating an Irish peat bog... photos to follow when things get more photogenic...

Frigg is currently busy so my Norwegian Village project has a few bits and bobs still to finish....but it is looking good..

Popped over to see Betty Rogan's photos (the above one is called "Watching you without me") at Raglan shire yesterday....always a nice place to visit...

...and Scarps sculpture garden too.... IM me for LM, if you don't have it...(sorry, no slurl)....

Also...I joined the newly acquired (by LL) Avatars United, which is a staggeringly forgettable social media site, for avatars. It has poor graphics and its hard to see it taking off to be honest. I thought...well...that's nice, this disproves my previous idea that everyone is out to get my Real Name and sell me junk.
However.....before I left the site, I was asked if I wouldn't mind answering a survey...for feedback. Now being the Public Spirited Being that I am, I agreed.
The first 3 things they wanted to know where.... age, sex, job...... now, I ask is that gonna help their feedback, really. Duh!!

I have the terrible foreboding that SL is gonna become a 3D Facebook if some people have their way. Luckily I think it will be a fruitless exercise, this Mass StoopidvilleSL. Let's hope the pockets of creative anarchy don't all have to get on their life-rafts and jump ship to Reaction Grid or Open Sims.

And....absolutely brilliant, I thought, this video on Dusan's blog..... has to be seen...

....and his recent post is, as often, a must read.

Oh, and Dusan is gonna pour coffee over my head for complaining about the Lav... apparently picking the bits of pizza out of their keyboards is real tricky and I shouldn't complain...... they are doing a really good job, he says. Bloody well should be doing a good job when you think of the mountains of cash they take of their "community" of poor suckers... i.e. me.

...and lastly......., the Australian Open has finished, and I am now weaned off TV til the French.... watch out prims...I'm back.



  1. With respect - the image where you show you are all but totally invisible? That's a connection issue. Your ISP. Or otherwise your internet connection causing that problem.

    Too many crashing packets, so the SL server gives-up because it's receiving too many "checksum" errors.

    Most on the grid don;t realize there are three "problem" areas in SL and practically all other online-isms:

    ...there is the remote server. When there are issues with the remote server - it is 100% squarely Linden Lab's fault.

    ...there is your computer - which is actually the source of all "framerate" lag. Your computer has to get the data, reconstruct it into a pretty three-dimensional picture. You can blame the people who built the environment you are visiting. The sim owners, store owners, parcel owners - whomever. The point is they did not create a very good build that is optimized for most computers to handle. So, umm... yes. It really IS the other guy's fault, not Linden Lab.

    Then there is the bandwidth issues. If your connection is having issues (hence, the very example you show above) - then it appears that the grid is having issues when it's not. In that case, it's the fault of your ISP, or someone else running the part of the internet network your signal is passing through.

    Oh, as for "server-side" lag: such as a crowded place where you simply can't move and your huds and other scripted things just don;t work? Well, that's only partly LL's fault. it's their fault in that they need to beef-up a better system for running scripts. Another part of it is your computer drawing not only all those 3D prims and download all those crappy textures, but also drawing all those avatar meshes and downloading those ridiculously hi-resolution skin textures and layered clothing textures and all that.

    And as for the scripts in those place: again, blame everyone else. If they all removed most if not all the scripts they are wearing, lag would be reduced by 80%. Truth.

    And part of it are all those damned dumb-ass creators who put "resize" scripts into their no-modify attachments. Hmmm, let's see: hair: 300 prims. No-modify. 300 effing "resize" scripts more than is necessary. Times 20 people each with 300-prim hair...

    You get the idea.

    I like to sail in SL. I cross 300 to 500 sims in a single trip with practically no lag at all. That's because the only scripts I am "wearing" are the one that make my boat go.

    Here's a test for you if you;re brave enough to try it: Go to any sim that borders another sim. Wear all your HUDs and AO and all that other junk. Run across the border and time how long it takes before you "pop" onto the other side. Repeat, but run back to the place you started from. Now, remove ALL your scripts and do the same thing.

    You'll see and feel the difference. Enough that it will make a convert out of you to swear-off all script-whores overnight.

  2. Hi, Ari,

    Yes, thanks for all the info.
    These last 4 or 5 days things have been missing from my inventory, things I try to rezz take 3 or 4 minutes, when building things pop back from where I have repositioned them...etc..etc..

    Now, my hair has not changed, nor my computer, and, while I realise that some of this mess may be due to my ISP, I doubt that this is the case when it comes to the above mentioned issues.

    As far as lag in general is concerned I have, as most of us have, learned to live with it, realising that it is a complicated issue. However, when things become too difficult to build in SL, then I am gonna be the first person to shout.
    I pay good hard currency, plus sales tax for the privilege, and I expect things to work. there is unfortunately no possibility of tying tier to performance, so all I can do is complain.

    Now, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate that its a tricky thing to run, SL, but....speaking of my own experience, alone, in a sandbox....things have been terrible this last week.

  3. Your comments are appreciated also.

    I suppose the old process of elimination is the rule here: if you get that kind of performance on only that sim, try another. if that performance applies to the whole grid and few others are experiencing the same, then it can't be the grid.

    Not arguing with you! LOL

    Perhaps (though like me, probably unlikely) you know someone locally on whose computer you could give it a go, just to see if it improves. In which case, if they are on a different ISP, then that's where the problem lies.

    Nothing wrong with shouting-out your frustration, indeed. I can shout pretty loud myself. :)

  4. Thats cool, Ari. I wasn't the only person tearing their prim hair out last week....(this message from Maya, another experienced builder..." "Hi Soror, saw your blog and was relieved to hear that i wasn't the only one who had a mental mud-walking, head-losing, eternal-loading hell of a week).
    ....and obviously I tried different sims....this one was down to the Boys, I'm afraid..
    I love them all anyway....mostly....:))

  5. Hi Soror...glad you made it over to Scarp's installation. The opening last week was a blast, and the plants are amazing. Here is the slurl...
    Scarp's Alien Garden