Sunday, 24 January 2010

ColeMarie and other stuff

Well, it was after I was in this machinima shoot which Cole was doing that she told me she was gonna do a blog, and I was very pleased. She’d had trouble with people telling her what she could and could not write if she was gonna write for them and so she’s started her own....its here... Its a MUST read.

....and I’m very happy to have a soul sister who isn’t frightened to call crap “crap”...cos it’s important that the rubbish gets pointed out and the positive gets praised.

And....I am VERY glad she’s done a wonderful post on Bryn. Bryn has been on my mind a lot recently. She is one helluva builder, a real SL genius and, altho she doesn’t need anyone to tell her that, I haven’t been able to really give her the credit she’s due, simply because melancholia and I don’t mix. I guess it’s a temperament thing, it just makes me giggle (unrepentant shallow fool). soo.... excellent post on well done Cole.
I’m the sort of person who would tell Van Gogh he was doing it wrong, I guess......

In other news..... well.. Jung’s Red Book has sold out of it’s first edition if you bought’s now worth twice what you paid for it...

I have put in my January competition entry at UWA, and, showing what an amazingly discerning person she is.... Juanita told me how much she loves it....well, good someone understands me.

I’m working on two new trees at the moment too... getting stuck in between moments of clarity.

and....I’ve been looking into switching to Linux if/when I get a new machine, and have joined the SL Linux Users Group.... and what a thoroughly pleasant group of people they are.... 38% of my readers are Mac I apologise to the faithful, but the price of machines may turn me traitor...

...and I start work tomorrow on a peat bog....for a friend/commission....v interesting...

Last but not least.... Botgirl is two.... congratulate her here...


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  1. Aw I love you too :O
    And I love Bryn like <33333333333333333333333

    Hi5! It's good that we're different ;p
    makes us US