Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New skin, with blue stripes.

Spent a little while making 6 different make-ups for this one too. It's not for sale yet,....IM me if you are keen.....

Again tho I am left with this problem of 'realism'. 99.9% of clothes available to buy in SL are directed at 'realistic' humanoid beings. Now, that's only natural, after all...99.9% of avatars are probably of the two legged variety.

Faeries, warlords and tinies wear humanoid style clothes... Na'vi Avatar avatars wear native american clothes... but what of the furries, dragons etc...well, dragons obviously go nakkid, as a lot of furries do....still...

....have to get my thinking cap on.... time to catch up with Gilles again... hmm.....I can feel another shopping spree coming on....



  1. Most of us furries wear "humanoid" clothes -- after all, we're bipedal, too (not counting "ferals" or "quads" who aren't anthropomorphic at all). And, like our human cousins, we wear just about any style you can think of: rave, goth, steampunk, post-apocalypse, sci-fi, everyday jeans and t-shirts...

    Part of that is because that's what's available. And the rest is because, contrary to popular myth, furries are not a monolithic group.

  2. Yes, sorry, that is rather a stupid way to refer to non-humanoids which are obviously a very diverse group.
    I was scouring my brain to think of others who might need a different type of clothing, but I guess all minority groups have to endure the mass market, whether or not it suits.

    ...or...I could get my act together.... hmm...we shall see.