Sunday, 3 January 2010

ColeMarie and the art of machinima

Now, firstly, my little lappy hasn't got the power to do a good machinima, and secondly I have yet to learn how to do it....but....

I have been mostly very disappointed by the "poor video" syndrome. It seems to me that, with few exceptions people haven't realised that machinima is different to video. Cole understands this.

It is a different medium to anything else.

Cole's stuff has now Style. ...not a style, but Style.... there's a big difference. You can recognise it as a Cole piece.

So.. another glorious offering .... excellent.



  1. Cole truly works with in the medium, which like anything has its unique freedoms and limitations. After watching a lot of machinima of late, you are quite right Soror… she has a beautifully identifiable Style. To use the musical metaphor… a distinctive voice, as distinct as the phrasing of Billy Holiday. To a machininma noob such as myself, she has shown me what is possible. For me it will be a steep learning curve… I look forward to the slow climb.

  2. Aw thank you for this lovely article Soror <3 I appreciate that you appreciate my hard work XD <3