Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mommalove..... Steaming Hot!!

I know it is a side of SL that I have neglected a bit, music. When we start to get artists with talent like Mommalove performing live for such small (compared to RL) groups of 70 people then we know that things are going in the right direction.

Mommalove kicked off Sabrinaa's brilliant (as usual) show of steam punk stuff at Erato today. Loads of top artists and friends gathered to see and hear....great

Zhora's piece sort of stole the show for me...I loved it, but then I'm a sucker for a tree of any description... especially something out of the ordinary like this one....

...and Scottius' "otterly amazing" (Wizzy quote) piece Starfish Command had me giggling...well...easily amused....

Bryn has a staggeringly good piece too, unfortunately my computer, my inability to walk and lack of patience have thwarted me in its full exploration, so the man said..."I'll be back.."

Great pieces too by Dekka and Penumbra....well........they are all good actually.....

anyway...all in all, an amazing show....congrats Sabrinaa...



  1. Zhora's tree is exceptional. Scottius's Starfish Commandos are hilarious. and Bryn's thingy is inscrutable. i did find a hidden link there to a machinima.

  2. Hey there...Thank-you!

    much appreciated.

    Luvz from MommaLuv..xo.

  3. Hey, was my pleasure entirely..:))