Sunday, 12 August 2007

Gilles DeCuir

It was an eventful day, and, although according to the Linden Boys I only have 4 friends, a busy one.
First, Kalturasan, master tree maker and blender, and I tried to find our way round Samurai Island, again, (some nice shops but the WORST lag in SL, and terrible layout) and again I got lost and couldnt find anything. Kalt turned up later as a squirrel...... wearing a kimono, of course....what else...

He told me he'd met Gilles DeCuir and that she might help me do my hair.... I neeeed a she popped over and Iz and I were treated to an impromptu fashion show

Wow, Gilles certainly has some great stuff... just shows us all how boring our clothes are, well, me at gotta work on my wardrobe again....

Anyway, Gilles is gonna do my hair, which will be a great help.... so, I look forward to that.

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