Friday, 18 September 2009

Show time....tonight

This painting by Vianne Udet, great frame too..... come see more...

Sorry for the late advance warning, I'm having trouble keeping up with the galleries I'm showing at this month....

"Hello everybody =) Is our pleasure to invite you to

A Festival that explores our human condition.

Friday 18th - 1 PM Second Life Time
at REN Vlaanderen Lands
Come to enjoy the works of differents creators that explored the dreams, nightmares and memories.

Creations by:
jackjohannes Allen, Evangeline Arcadia, Carabella Babii, Igor Ballyhoo, Massimo Blinker, Rose Borchovski, Schmonson Dalglish, Explorer Dastardly, Artistide Despres, Glyph Graves, AuraKyo Insoo, Arnold Jung, Kean Kelly, Lollito Larkham, White Lebed, Ludo Merit, Sabrinaa Nightfire, soror Nishi, Bryn Oh, RAG Randt, Betty Rogan, aRa Sheridan, Elizabeth Spieler, Jen Trute, Vianne Udet, Alexandar Vargas and Dan Yapungku.

* Curated by AuraKyo Insoo.


Also in this lands you can enjoy differents previous installations like:
(use the red teleporters to find each location)

*The Garden of Circles:
In the ground you will find the works of many friends:
Elizabeth Spieler, Penelope Parx, Franchella Milena, Rozamyndi Brimm and Crystam Flyer.

*Dan Yapungku Personal Creation:
Visit also Dan`s studios with his paintings and digital compositions.

*Kyo Moulin:
Outside and inside this mill you can find creations of another friends:
Roodvosje Rosse, SaveMe Oh, Bekas Takaaki, Carabella Babii, Artistide Despres, Violetta Biziou, Arnold Jung, Petta Hax & Teaseu Xeno, Looker Lumet, AuraKyo Insoo.

* Au Nest:
A place for dance and celebrate =)

Have a beautiful life!
AuraKyo Insoo & Dan Yapungku."

great show.....



  1. Im honored you selected my painting as an example of the show! What talented artists in my company :)

    Thanks again!


  2. Well, thank you for making something so photogenic.

    Yes, it's always amazing how many well known artists find time to put pieces into group shows, but I think it also demonstrates how well AuraKyo and Dan have curated, it's an art form in itself... a social art.