Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Mountain Bean


Ok, so....I am just trying out my new blog making thingy so you'll have to bear with me if it all turns out crap....

This is the new Mountain Bean and its on this little island in Inworldz that Scotsgraymouser is making for tinies and furries to generally enjoy, run around, laugh,  breed, whatever they do....

It's a bit of a dodgy pair of photos cos I've messed around with them too live and learn.

In other news... well, I've been watching the US Open, of course, dear reader, you know I'm a fan. ....and Jankovich has beaten Serena Williams to the title of Worst Dressed Tennis Player by sporting a dress you would most likely see on a 12 year old Amish girl who is colour blind. Not very impressed as you may gather..... and Sofie won Big Brother...(this is good news; for those of you who are not followers of the Best TV Has To Offer)... 


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