Wednesday, 23 September 2009

University of Western Australia, and other stuff

Popped over to Aliz'z plaze and she has the builder in.....more later, when he's finished.... but we had to get a photo. This is the pair of us on a stair to nowhere...and....

talking of stairs... well, I went to Pirats, the Bunker, to see a show. OMG the lag was more than bad...anyway, after hanging around on the TP site I decided to try and guess where the entrance is....RANT WARNING>>>>>> why oh why oh why do people not make proper entrances on their buildings.

For Avatars In Lag....ALL entrances should be 10 to 20 meters wide....why not? you got a problem with that??? Bloody architects (poor Newbab got a bit of a rant when I finally arrived)....... here are a list of idiocies

1) spiral stairs.... words fail me when I want to describe how much I hate spiral stairs. Let's just say that I hate them more than.... more than the most hated things in any world.

2) floor to ceiling flat "glass" invisible prims on the front of malls.... the ones you walk into 5 times trying to get into the store.... Duh!!!! RL glass has reflections and frames, and theres no lag!!

3) doors you have to click to get in....WHY? just make em phantom so I can walk through them...

4) porta loos at Burning Life....this is the 3rd year that I have been at Burning Life and I want to know why, after all this time, people still find it SO amusing to build porta loos?? ..Toilet humour I use to enjoy before I reached 10 years old....what a total waste of prims.

...anyway, I digress (and I do it well, some think)... my story was about Pirats who have a very good show at the Bunker, I particulary liked Ling's stuff, altho quite cutsie.... Well, after I had aged, waiting for things to rezz...I thought that these stairs have to be the way in...and I started climbing them. Now although I stopped pressing any keys on my baby mac...SL continued my journey for me, as happens.... I climbed vertically up the doors that didnt open, over the roof and fell off into the sea on the other side....

...that's when I screamed for help and Merlina TPed me in....(why the tp point couldn't have been inside I have no they want visitors to enjoy the architectural marvels of the exterior first???) ... and I enjoyed the show.

So...this is a sight (site) that sort of gets the blood flowing... a prim free area waiting for plants etc.

Jayjay Zifanwe of the University of Western Australia got me over to have a look and asked me to do a bit...

So, sandwiched (artisically, not sexually) between Quadrapop Lane and Glyph Graves, I put out a few trees and flowers....will post a couple more photos when its finished and pukker, but it all seems to be going well....

Scotsgraymouser is entering the Building building competition, that should be good.... bit too much for me I think she does a good entrance......



  1. SOOO glad to hear that this banging on locked doors followed by falling into the ocean doesn't only happen to me!!
    In all fairness though, I still think it is usually (99.9%) my fault!!!