Thursday, 10 September 2009

Moldovia Fashion Week...... you call that fashion??

Well, I was better off watching Treet TV's coverage of the fashion show below.....


Firstly, the darn TV didn't work....
when I logged on to the web to see the most aweful goddam excuse for clothing it has been my misfortune to see for a long while.....
These models were wearing the sort of stuff...well, let's put it this way.... if your friend in RL wore stuff like this you would take her to one side for a quiet word... lol...


Has the Virtual World gone completely mad?

The announcer said (more or less)..."now, this fashionable ensemble will keep you nice and warm this Autumn"...OMG... GET A LIFE...GET A VIRTUAL LIFE AS WELL !!

Pleeeeaaase... who are you talking to?? It is no wonder people don't take us seriously if we allow this sort of mindless, poorly considered garbage to go out to the world on the web..... it's not even funny, just very, very sad...



  1. Yeah, if I want to keep warm, I just wear my iron stove avatar. Much hotter than anything in that video, too ;)

  2. :)))....TP ing to the Tropics helps as well...:))