Saturday, 12 September 2009

St. Leo University Campus..... the Nishification.

Yep, just started so it's still a work in progress, I have been asked to do some landscaping. Funny though how people expect you to do all this stuff for free.

The idea is that because you are an artist you can live on no money and are just gagging to show your work at every opportunity...

Of course I am not talking about galleries, well not about well curated ones, or the blog I do which I get paid for..... I am thinking more of so-called commercial enterprises. I was approached a few months ago by a group who wanted me to make them the best night club on the grid, in return they said I could have a TP point to my shop. I tried to get 20US$ out of them (as a token)....I lost the job...:)))

Now it's easy to do the maths... my ISP costs 50US$ per month and the Lindens take 88US$ for tier and 12US$ for my two Premium Memberships. So.....if I spend two hours a day on the grid (60 per month)... each hour could be costing me 2.5 US$, which is around 750 lindens per hour. That may not be very accurate accounting, but, it just goes to show that my time isn't free.
I wouldn't work in RL for nothing (helping friends is obviously different) but, really, there should be a minimum wage discussed at some point. I know it couldn't be enforced but all the builders across the grid could do something similar to what our ancestors did with Labour Day (Labor day, I guess) and find a sort of common solidarity.
All the time people are willing to sell stuff for almost nothing the poor state of inworld economy will continue, it effects us all.

Well, people say, it's all good PR... hmm....

....well... PR doesn't butter no parsnips !!


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