Saturday, 19 September 2009

REN and Oberon Onmura

Well, because of my hurried entry yesterday I thought I should tell you about the show, REN, the DREAMS, NIGHTMARES & MEMORIES Art Festival.

Its, as I said at Virtual Holland and has a lot of artists showing, some well known and others less so. I didn't get to look round the whole thing, but here are a few images, hopefully to whet your appetites....

White Lebed had a great piece there showing her great compositional and prim bending skills.... the Piano Player..

There was a nice piece by Lollito Larkham, who I haven't met yet, but I loved the ant attack... lol...I've been camping...eeek...!!!

AuraKyo has a very competent installation in the show as well as doing the curating, so she's obviously been busy...:))

There are loads of others I didn't get to was full and a bit laggy so I'll have to go back.... well recommended.. oh, yes, I have a new piece in it too...

Oberon Onmura has a show, just opened, based on the Tunguska Event which was a huge explosion that flattened many square miles of trees in Siberia. You can see it here.

I am always in awe of people who script better than me (most everyone then) and Oberon has done some great stuff here.

It is, of course, difficult to give the degree of scale of an event like Tunguska, without 4 or 5 sims, but the inspiration is evident.

SL is in good hands all the time so much work can be shown on a monthly, well, almost weekly basis....


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