Sunday, 20 September 2009


Erato of Caerleon, courtesy of Sabrinaa, has a group of works on show as a product of a sort of competition that she instigated a few weeks ago.

The idea was quite simple, using only a few textures that were given to us we had to texture one of our pieces. The results are on show here.

....and, its an interesting collection. At first you have to really look to realise that they all have used the same tex. It's surprising how the forms...well, also partly because of how things rezz.... how the forms are more immediately different than the realisation that the textures are all the same. Nice.

My bonsai, above, is entered.

The University of Western Australia also has a couple of competitions going, one to design a new campus building....and one.. just design...enter whatever you like.

There are monthly cash prizes (not enough to drive you wild with lust) which sort of makes it fun.

Jayjay Zifanwe seems to be the man driving the Virtual Push, well done to him.

Burning Life site of a Freak of Nature is coming along nicely, Snowy, Pixi and I having done some v cool stuff already...and there's still a while to go before the gates open. Should be good.

I hope to be doing a regular blog of whats cool and whats not during the first weeks of BL along with Poid over on the Koinup blog...(check out my OMNIBUS posts). Lots of flying around looking at tat, no doubt....

...any 'heads up' on cool stuff will be much appreciated....especially "new" people....

Best blog post I have read this week is courtesy of Poid, an interview with Aren it here.. lots of boring stuff around, I'm afraid..

......but What the Fug usually amuses....seems like the Fashion Police are gonna be in business for a long time to come....

Botgirl is certainly one of the best reads around, either her blog or her Twit


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