Monday, 28 September 2009

Magoo and I

Well, had such a hectic SL weekend that I didn't get to post anything yesterday, I was a bit burned out having spent too much time online for my sanity...:))).

I did get round to making a new headdress tho, but it's not on sale yet, unless you IM me.

I've been making the Boys a bit richer this weekend, apart from tier, I've uploaded far too many tex, and I've got another dozen to upload when my Human has had something to eat. ..... Oh well, it's cheaper than oil paint, but doesn't smell as good. hmmm....

The trouble is (with building stuff) that RL gets in the way, yes, my Human lets me down, eating, drinking, sleeping when I could be building. The Human is the weakest link in the chain, maybe I could hire a team...that would be good....they could do a shift system....

Had to turn down the Texas people, lol, what is their hurry?? Just a week in SL and they have to have an art opening on the 9th bet they took longer than 2 weeks to decide to come in..... anyway, I'm not gonna be hurried into reproducing fast crap..
As a free (gratis) labourer, which is how some people look at artists, I'm not gonna be exactly unemployed am I??

Maybe I should go for charitable status....


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