Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Campfire evening

[15:18] soror Nishi: hi...from art gallery to beach...:)) so easy
[15:18] soror Nishi: hi
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: hello sweety
[15:18] soror Nishi: hi, meena
[15:18] soror Nishi: :))
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: meena and i have been on such a crazy adventure
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: falling down holes and stuff !
[15:18] Carmina Marchionne: you look very perty Soror:D
[15:19] Pixi Cosmos: always <3
[15:19] soror Nishi: why thx, meena
[15:19] soror Nishi: :))
[15:19] soror Nishi: ]yeh, sounds great
[15:19] Carmina Marchionne: your welcome:)
[15:20] Carmina Marchionne: sun setting
[15:21] Pixi Cosmos: yes the light does look lovely
[15:21] Carmina Marchionne: *continues to munch on veggies
[15:21] soror Nishi: it does
[15:21] Pixi Cosmos: would you like a carrot soror , meena has a few
[15:22] Pixi Cosmos: thats if sparkle hasnt munched them all
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: *passes pix the bowl to hand to Soro
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: r

[15:22] soror Nishi: hmmm...thx...(munch)
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: 8wink
[15:22] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: giggles
[15:22] soror Nishi: :)))
[15:23] soror Nishi: any raspberries...they are my fav?
[15:23] Pixi Cosmos: so two of you one of me i think that meens pims o clock
[15:23] Carmina Marchionne: *rumbles thru pack
[15:23] soror Nishi: hehhehehhehe
[15:23] Carmina Marchionne: *pulls out assorted berries and passes to pix.. pass on pleasee:D
[15:23] soror Nishi: OK...pims is good....not prims o clock, then
[15:23] Pixi Cosmos: ohhh yummy
[15:24] soror Nishi: mmmm hmmm
[15:24] Pixi Cosmos: im going to take some home for fae she is quite the strawberry fanatic
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: mm
[15:24] Pixi Cosmos: they are a little squidged . oh no and i just dropped one in the sand
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: cuteness..
[15:24] soror Nishi: ahhh...we have grown lots of alpine strawberries this year
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: hands you a cup of fresh water:D
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: and a nappie
[15:24] Pixi Cosmos: oh ta :)
[15:25] soror Nishi: :)))
[15:25] Carmina Marchionne: tin cups are light:D
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: * washes of me berries lol
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: do they tast of the alps
[15:25] soror Nishi: yes, a bit
[15:25] Carmina Marchionne: mm
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: crazy
[15:25] soror Nishi: small and strong flavoured
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: reeeaaaallly fresh then
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: yum
[15:26] soror Nishi: yes,...and not so attcked by birds and slugs
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: like ...wild strawberries , they are like a bead of tast explosion
[15:26] soror Nishi: very Fae sized tho
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: yessums
[15:26] Carmina Marchionne: wishes kitty were here to see the prettiness
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: meena , you are going to need a jumper soon ...the night is drawing in
[15:27] Carmina Marchionne: i love cranberries in powerded suger:D
[15:27] Pixi Cosmos: ....move closer to the fire ...keep you toasty
[15:27] Carmina Marchionne: mmhmm .. burskies
[15:27] Pixi Cosmos: mmm i dont have cranberries often ...infact at christmas with my turkey
[15:27] Pixi Cosmos: in a jar tho
[15:28] Carmina Marchionne: a friend got them for me from Russia
[15:28] Carmina Marchionne: soooooooo yummy
[15:28] soror Nishi: i dont ether, but i did grow some
[15:28] Carmina Marchionne: have to eat them asap
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: are they like raspberries to grow ?
[15:28] soror Nishi: no
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: mmm
[15:28] soror Nishi: small bush
[15:28] soror Nishi: very near the ground
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: to much info
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: lolololol
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: kisses *
[15:29] Pixi Cosmos: oh ok
[15:29] Carmina Marchionne: lol..

[15:29] Pixi Cosmos: more like strawbugs?
[15:29] Carmina Marchionne: haha
[15:29] soror Nishi: bilberries
[15:29] Carmina Marchionne: looks for turtleneck*
[15:30] Pixi Cosmos: i cn do a turtle neck impression
[15:30] Pixi Cosmos: look ....
[15:30] Carmina Marchionne:
[15:30] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:30] Carmina Marchionne: lol
[15:31] Pixi Cosmos: although i get a double chin so maybe not the best of looks
[15:31] Pixi Cosmos: please do not sit on horus ...people did anyway
[15:31] Pixi Cosmos: i wonder where he went to
[15:32] soror Nishi: eek...i'm not sitting on him am I??
[15:32] Carmina Marchionne: poor fella
[15:32] Pixi Cosmos: Soror , would you like to share a bifter with me ?
[15:32] Pixi Cosmos: no ...hes long gone
[15:32] Pixi Cosmos: last seen in carrick
[15:32] Carmina Marchionne: ages ago
[15:33] Jedda Zenovka is Online
[15:33] soror Nishi: up, cute thing
[15:33] Pixi Cosmos: kisses cheek *
[15:33] Pixi Cosmos: meena , pixi juice ?
[15:33] soror Nishi grins
[15:33] pixi cosmos juice ! drinkable whispers: Yay PIXI JUICE from The Garden of Tranquility
[15:34] Pixi Cosmos: dirty girl ;P
[15:34] Carmina Marchionne: ohh hehe..
[15:34] Carmina Marchionne: ty sure o.o
[15:34] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:34] soror Nishi: hehhehhe
[15:34] Pixi Cosmos: just skining up
[15:34] soror Nishi: coool
[15:35] Carmina Marchionne gave you warm feets.
[15:36] soror Nishi: :))
[15:36] soror Nishi: thx
[15:38] soror Nishi: hmmm...nice meena
[15:38] Carmina Marchionne: mmmmmmmmm eats last celery stick*
[15:38] Pixi Cosmos: pretty thankyou :)
[15:38] Pixi Cosmos: that noise i hear it again
[15:38] Pixi Cosmos: there are baby goblins about
[15:39] Carmina Marchionne: o.o
[15:39] Carmina Marchionne: story time..
[15:39] Carmina Marchionne: tell pix tell
[15:39] Pixi Cosmos: well , the baby goblins sound all cute and cuddly you see......
[15:39] soror Nishi: ahh
[15:39] Pixi Cosmos: but really , they hide behind rocks while they send out sea gulls to spy on visiters
[15:40] soror Nishi: right
[15:40] Carmina Marchionne: yikes being attacked by a goblin!
[15:40] soror Nishi: eeek
[15:40] Pixi Cosmos: noone really knows if they are michivous or just inquisitive
[15:40] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:40] Pixi Cosmos: but it has been heard reacently that they have been a bit braver
[15:41] Pixi Cosmos: tip toeing up to people with out them know ing
[15:41] soror Nishi: well...sitting closer to the fire will help
[15:41] Pixi Cosmos: peeking round corners and signaling to each other

[15:41] Carmina Marchionne: feels like going for a midnight swim*
[15:41] Pixi Cosmos: ....people say that they hoard jewl sand pecious items
[15:41] Carmina Marchionne: *zips pack
[15:42] soror Nishi: yes, i heard that too
[15:42] Carmina Marchionne: are they very hungry ?
[15:42] Pixi Cosmos: well .... this is a story about that hoard .....
[15:43] Pixi Cosmos: what could they want from these sparkly treasures ....
[15:43] Pixi Cosmos: the fact is they just love them ...originaly they got magpies to steal jewls for the village ....
[15:44] Pixi Cosmos: the magpies wanted to get paid ....they wanted something back
[15:44] Pixi Cosmos: they were far to clever , but seagulls are a lot more stupid
[15:44] Pixi Cosmos: not as much as chickens ...but they wouldnt be any use at all ......
[15:44] soror Nishi: mmm
[15:45] soror Nishi: true
[15:45] Carmina Marchionne: *looks at rock .. o.o shh he can hear you
[15:45] Pixi Cosmos: ii diverge
[15:45] Carmina Marchionne: .-.
[15:45] Pixi Cosmos: wispering is a good plan anyway , we dont know where the plotting goblins are
[15:46] Pixi Cosmos: so the seagulls have very big wings ...especially the albatrosss , sometimes the goblin folk ride them across to other islands
[15:46] soror Nishi: true again, my wise little fruit salad
[15:46] Pixi Cosmos: ... the baby ones stay behind the rocks
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: cos well ...there not very strong yet
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: .
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: the baby goblins dont grow with time ......
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: they grow with the tides
[15:47] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:48] Pixi Cosmos: but in order for this to work they need the speciall tides , the ones that brings white horses and peach coluord ripples as the sun sets
[15:49] Pixi Cosmos: so the jems and sparkles that are gatherd by the seagulls and the sneeky goblins
[15:49] Pixi Cosmos: ....are actually moments in grow time of the sun ....captures on the sea
[15:50] soror Nishi: :)))
[15:50] Carmina Marchionne nods..
[15:50] Pixi Cosmos: every year the goblins throw their hoards of jems into the sea restart the cycle
[15:51] Pixi Cosmos: and isure that the sea twinkles , and the baby goblinds can grow big and strong to ride the seagulls
[15:52] Pixi Cosmos: the goblins ...they dont meen to bee cheeky and sly ....
[15:52] Pixi Cosmos: it is what they have to do , or there will be none left , and laughter will nolonger be heard on the beach once a year
[15:53] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:53] Pixi Cosmos: all i can say is zip your bags and button your pockets .....the goblins are near :)
[15:53] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[15:53] Carmina Marchionne: :)
[15:53] soror Nishi: :))
[15:53] soror Nishi: coool
[15:54] soror Nishi: yes, better be careful
[15:54] Pixi Cosmos: its been a while since ive done a story
[15:54] soror Nishi: it was v cool...:)))
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: ohh meenas having a dip
[15:55] soror Nishi: you could do illustrations a book
[15:55] soror Nishi: for your blog maybe..
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: ive written a book beforew , of why the the moon changes shape
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[15:55] Carmina Marchionne: looking for gems ...
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: a chhese fanatic called goodfry who ha da bad memory
[15:56] soror Nishi: hehhehe

[15:56] soror Nishi: excellent
[15:56] soror Nishi: good luck meena
[15:56] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:56] soror Nishi: bit cold if you ask me
[15:56] Pixi Cosmos: i was about 13 when i did that
[15:57] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:57] soror Nishi: so, its a natural sort of a talent then
[15:57] Pixi Cosmos: mm he eh
[15:57] soror Nishi: Fae would like it when shes older she could learn to read it too
[15:57] Carmina Marchionne shouts: its so wonderful out here!
[15:57] Pixi Cosmos: never really thought of doing it again .... i seem to make on the spot stories ....something i can only do in sl (for people)
[15:58] soror Nishi: wow
[15:58] soror Nishi: cool
[15:58] soror Nishi: you off in the water too
[15:58] Pixi Cosmos: can you swim ?
[15:59] soror Nishi: nope....not in SL
[15:59] Pixi Cosmos: my board wont rez
[15:59] Pixi Cosmos: humph
[15:59] soror Nishi: i saw it for a while when you wore it
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: soror can you tell stories ?
[16:00] Carmina Marchionne: it rezzes a ntoher
[16:00] soror Nishi: but probably you cant rez here
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: mmm yeah no build
[16:00] Carmina Marchionne: oof
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: happens all the time
[16:00] Carmina Marchionne: shame.. should make a board that doesn't do that
[16:00] soror Nishi: hmmm...tell stories....not really...well...i could...hmmm....dont really know
[16:00] soror Nishi: :)))
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: yeah go on .... * passes long over due spliff
[16:01] Carmina Marchionne: :)
[16:01] soror Nishi: hmmm
[16:01] soror Nishi: i could read you an old chinese one
[16:01] Pixi Cosmos: ok
[16:01] Carmina Marchionne: oo ok
[16:02] Carmina Marchionne: hide
[16:02] Pixi Cosmos: where are the goblins /
[16:02] Carmina Marchionne: never mind.. thought i saw one
[16:02] Pixi Cosmos: lol
[16:03] Carmina Marchionne: :) sorry Soror.. please continue
[16:03] Pixi Cosmos: yes im all pixi ears
[16:03] soror Nishi: if you are sitting confortably...I'll begin....
[16:03] Pixi Cosmos: snuggles
[16:03] Carmina Marchionne 's ears twitch
[16:04] soror Nishi: Tanzan and Ekido were once travelling together down a muddy road.
[16:04] soror Nishi: A heavy rain was still falling.
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[16:04] soror Nishi: Coming round the bend, they met a lovely girl in a silk kimono and sash, unable to cross at the intersection.
[16:04] soror Nishi: "come on girl" said Tanzan at once. Lifting her in his arms he carried her over the mud.
[16:05] Pixi Cosmos: *
[16:05] soror Nishi: Ekido did not speak again until that night when they reached the lodging temple.
[16:05] soror Nishi: Then he could no longer contain himself.
[16:05] soror Nishi: " We monks don't go near females" he told Tanzin,
[16:05] soror Nishi: "especially not young and lovely ones. It is dangerous. Why did you do that?"
[16:05] Pixi Cosmos: ohh
[16:06] soror Nishi: "I left the girl there," said Tenzin "are you still carrying her?"
[16:06] soror Nishi: :))
[16:06] soror Nishi: the end
[16:06] Carmina Marchionne chuckles
[16:06] Carmina Marchionne: claps*
[16:06] soror Nishi: :))
[16:06] Pixi Cosmos: yay
[16:07] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[16:07] Pixi Cosmos: deep
[16:07] Carmina Marchionne: very
[16:07] soror Nishi: yeh...its an old one
[16:07] soror Nishi: :)))
[16:07] Carmina Marchionne: loosens boot*
[16:07] Pixi Cosmos: meena ?
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: mmmm
[16:08] soror Nishi: you might have some water inthere
[16:08] Pixi Cosmos: your turn.
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: oh.. mmm
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: i was looking up to the sky..
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: noticing the stars...
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: it reminded me of a story...

[16:08] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: :) I'll tell you the story.. it's a bit long..
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: so i'll make it simple..
[16:09] Pixi Cosmos: snuggles furthur into pillows
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: there was once a young girl.. who lived with her mother...
[16:09] soror Nishi listens carefully
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: she was very poor...
[16:10] Carmina Marchionne: she did everything she could to help her mother... as they were alone in the world
[16:10] soror Nishi blinks
[16:10] Carmina Marchionne: each day she would walk by the sea... and look for oysters to bring home
[16:11] Pixi Cosmos: ;P
[16:11] Pixi Cosmos: slimy
[16:11] Carmina Marchionne: one day she saw a bird perched on a rock....(mom would make them in a special stew the oysters...)
[16:12] Carmina Marchionne: she noticed his big dark wings... and saw some of his feathers blow off in the wind...
[16:12] Pixi Cosmos: o.o
[16:12] Carmina Marchionne: she wasn't sure if he was well.. so she came closer .. and saw the stars in his eyes...
[16:12] soror Nishi: :~
[16:13] Carmina Marchionne: he ruffled his feathers... and looked down with his deep glare...
[16:13] Pixi Cosmos: oooh
[16:13] soror Nishi: gulp
[16:14] Carmina Marchionne: she said.. cautiously ... as she held up her jar of collected oysters.. "would you like to have some... ? are you well...
[16:14] Carmina Marchionne: then he immediately flew straight up into the sky... and disappeared into the dark blue of the night..
[16:14] Pixi Cosmos: ahh thats very sweet of her
[16:14] Pixi Cosmos: ohh
[16:15] soror Nishi: yes....a good girl
[16:15] Carmina Marchionne: she looked all around and couldn't find him..
[16:15] Carmina Marchionne: as she walked home... she wondered if she had insulted him..
[16:15] Carmina Marchionne: as she lay in bed.. her mother made the stew... so she decided the next day.. she would bring him some
[16:16] Carmina Marchionne: the next evening.. as she walked along the beach.. she came to the rock where he'd been the day before...
[16:16] Pixi Cosmos: was he there ....?
[16:16] Carmina Marchionne: she held a bowl in her hand of the stew her mother made... she called out ... are you here???
[16:17] Carmina Marchionne: I've brought you some stew...
[16:17] Carmina Marchionne: just then she looked up and saw the bird in the shadow of the tree leaves
[16:17] Carmina Marchionne: at the base of the tree were several black feathers..
[16:17] Pixi Cosmos: ominous....
[16:17] soror Nishi: yes
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: when she saw the feathers... she asked... are you not well?
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: suddenly he falls from the tree... in a big fluff of feathers.. thump!
[16:18] Asmita Duranjaya is Offline
[16:18] soror Nishi: eeek
[16:18] Pixi Cosmos: oh dear :(
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: she quickly runs to his side....
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: a mass of darknesss... she sees his eyes are half closed...
[16:19] soror Nishi nods
[16:19] Carmina Marchionne: she quickly feeds him some stew... and carefully watching her fingers pours it down his throat
[16:19] Pixi Cosmos: ;s
[16:19] Pixi Cosmos: ;8
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: with a long deep gulp.. he closes his eyes .. and a strong wind blows from the east...
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: sending a chill down her spine
[16:20] Pixi Cosmos: gudders 8
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: the wind grows and grows... until shes surrounded by a cloud of black feathers...
[16:20] soror Nishi: gulp
[16:20] Pixi Cosmos: oh
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: all around her swirlling... until she can no longer see the moonlight on the water...
[16:21] Pixi Cosmos: eeps
[16:21] Carmina Marchionne: she holds him tight and says .... oh please wake up..
[16:21] Carmina Marchionne: suddenly the wind settles... and in her arms is a young man...
[16:21] soror Nishi: ooo
[16:21] Pixi Cosmos: wooooo
[16:21] Carmina Marchionne: he isn't awake...
[16:22] Carmina Marchionne: she is surprised and gently brushes away the feathers on his chest
[16:22] soror Nishi: (hope she behaves)
[16:22] Carmina Marchionne: is this who you really are? (chuckles)
[16:22] Pixi Cosmos: giggles
[16:22] Carmina Marchionne: his eyes open and she sees his deep black eyes... IT IS YOU she proclaims with joy
[16:22] Pixi Cosmos: ohh
[16:23] soror Nishi: yay
[16:23] Pixi Cosmos: wicked
[16:23] Carmina Marchionne: there in his eyes.. the stars reflected...
[16:23] soror Nishi: aaaa
[16:23] Carmina Marchionne: and her face ... infront of the moon
[16:23] Pixi Cosmos: itll be them oysters ...
[16:23] soror Nishi: hehhehhee
[16:23] Carmina Marchionne: he whispers weakly....
[16:24] Carmina Marchionne: thank you for saving me....
[16:24] soror Nishi: aaww
[16:24] Pixi Cosmos: what made him poorly/
[16:24] Carmina Marchionne: she thankshelps him to his feet... and he explains how one night as he was fishing...
[16:25] Pixi Cosmos: mmmm
[16:25] Carmina Marchionne: a witch sat by the water disquised as a crow...
[16:25] Pixi Cosmos: oh dear
[16:25] Carmina Marchionne: he threw the witch a fish out of kindness and she repayed him with a curse
[16:26] Carmina Marchionne: she turned him into a crow and said he must wait for someone to feed him some stew...
[16:26] Pixi Cosmos: no way ......
[16:27] soror Nishi: good she knew how to cook then
[16:27] Carmina Marchionne: ... he went home with her and met her mother... and stayed with her for the rest of his days... and had little children with stars in their eyes.....:)
[16:27] soror Nishi: ahhh
[16:27] Carmina Marchionne: :) the end:)
[16:27] Pixi Cosmos: what are the chances ... blimy must be love and destiny
[16:27] soror Nishi: :))
[16:27] soror Nishi: excellent
[16:27] Pixi Cosmos: loll
[16:27] Carmina Marchionne: one moment.. :* ty!
[16:28] Pixi Cosmos: brilliant meena :)
[16:28] soror Nishi: very goood
[16:28] soror Nishi: :)))
[16:29] Pixi Cosmos gave you pixi cosmos crystal twinkles.
[16:29] Pixi Cosmos: sun sea sparkles
[16:29] soror Nishi: ooo
[16:29] soror Nishi: thx, pixi
[16:30] Pixi Cosmos: watch out for goblins , the both of you , you dont want to be a target now
[16:31] soror Nishi: true
[16:31] soror Nishi: hmmm...i better go off to bed now, meena
[16:31] Jedda Zenovka is Offline
[16:31] Pixi Cosmos: yay images of children with starry eyes ...and slowely falling black feathers nice imagry
[16:31] Pixi Cosmos: see you soon my sweetling
[16:31] Pixi Cosmos: lovely to have the pleasure of your company xx
[16:32] soror Nishi: yes....i think meena is busy
[16:32] soror Nishi: tell her byee from me
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: well um ...i can say bye ...yessums :D
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: ok
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: xxxx
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: take caere


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