Saturday, 25 July 2009


Well, its really good to be back.

Just started a couple of new things, a tree which will probably end up on the compost heap, and a flower which has a long way to go still...

It was great to see people I had missed in the brief 8 days, it's surprising how used you get to seeing some people every few days online.
Botgirl, a really regular read for me, posted "from wow to whatever" and as usual she has hit the nail on the head.
It's a normal part of my life to meet these great people online now and not anything WOW!!, just a part of my everyday. I like that.

Isabella Alphaville and I were talking about how strange it is that your RL friends won't even try SL and how she thought it shows a certain closed mind attitude when life is so short anyway. Not that there aren't closed minds in SL......of course there are too......but some of my best friends are real gems and some of the art in here is just mind blowing...:)) Hurrah for SL!!!

I have a little Widget now (this is Mac owner stuff) called iStat, and it shows me how hot my poor lappy is getting, so hopefully i will be able to keep my eye on it. For those of you with Macs ...its available here for go get it..

Hope to be able to get around and do some stuff tomorrow and get back on the blogging front with some stuff for you, poor neglected reader...xxxxxxxxx


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