Monday, 27 July 2009

Nessuno Myoo

Some of you may remember the Mechanical Knight, a piece by Nessuno which was shown recently, at Angelgate, I believe, (might have got my galleries mixed up there), but anyway..I had seen it before but I was very happy to see some other accomplished work by this artist at The White Gallery yesterday.

Now, as you will know, dear reader, I have been rather vocal in my criticism of some of the stuff that is "new" and "narrative" so its very nice to see traditional, classic sculpture, which is NPIRL in execution and contemporary without revolving textures and bells and whistles.

I liked the Sea monster a lot, and the Angel in Search of Color reminded me of a sketch I had done a few years ago (but which never got painted). At first I thought the Angel would have been shown better against a darker background but changed my opinion later. If the Boys at LL had fixed the ancient transparency could have been used on this piece to advantage...
...anyway...worth popping along to...

Then I popped over to Harajukubox, a fav. shopping haunt of mine to check out the Skin Fair which is there til the 28th I believe.

Now I like a good skin, but nothing parted me with my hard earned cash...although the Shiva skin by Gauze (aka Yukio Ida, I think) came close, pictured above, of course...
...could be a pretty cool addition to a couples wardrobe if they were into co-ordinated SLex...:))) (why not?)
There were a few "smudged make-up" skins which seem to be trendy at the moment...fair enuf...

I then popped in to Blue Blood as I had met Ghanima Uriza last week and bumped into her again at the skin fair.... its a big store with totally Goth clothes...check out Ghanima's profile for the LM..(in Classified)...
I don't know why Goffs have to wear so much black, seems a bit of a shame to me. I suppose in fluro pink it wouldn't be Goff enuff??

Someone said, last month, that I was an Iconoclast (An iconoclast is someone who performs iconoclasm — destruction of religious symbols, or, by extension, established dogma or conventions) to which my reply was " oh? isn't everyone then??"


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