Friday, 17 July 2009

Worst Nightmare

Now, it seems that your worst nightmares do come true...if that sounds a bit pessimistic then, as Scott Adams says... "an optimist is someone with no job [life] experience.

Now, worst nightmares you survive, surprisingly, with a few scars, psychological mainly, but feeling stronger, eventually.

MY COMPUTER IS and is now in a coma. I am sitting in the public (very public) library on a PC..(yukk) and poor little baby Mac is in hospital.

Probably hear some diagnosis next week so I will not be flashing my blue rinse anywhere for a week or so.

I'm feeling like a little kitten in the Washing Machine of Life having just gone full cycle in the Programme of Fate... .... my credit card will, no doubt, be carrying the majority of the virtual scars..

Well....I'll see you dear reader next week.. or the one after....


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