Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Koinup photo comp.

Yes, there's a Koinup photo competition...and....you'll have to do better than this, which isn't too hard...I am not a good photographer, but I thought I might as well upload em anyway.

Nice thing about Koinup, as opposed to Facebook, is that they welcome avatars and don't get all "real" like Facebook.

then Wizzy popped over ...its ages since I saw her. she has had great success with her E8 thingy is for sale in RL, so she's beaten me to market by months. I am, dear reader, also trying to bring my trees to RL, but it's a slow process....:))

So... this is her in front of the Wizardfruit Tree, named after her.

Not much in the way of other news, been RL sculpting and sheltering from the rain.

Oh yes.... Angelgate...the new show Soleil opens soon and I have a piece in it....not sure when it is....will get back to you on that.


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