Friday, 31 July 2009

moving house, RL styleee

Well, its official now, I'm moving house after two years here and am NOT looking forward to it.
I was going through my old stuff from two years ago when I moved in here and came across a letter which just about sums things up... lol....I must have been pretty frustrated when I wrote this....

Its to British Telecom, my ISP.....

"Dear Sir,

Re. No Broadband , day 2.

British Telecommunications will be the economic death of us all. The economy of the whole country is in no small degree dependent on internet service providers (ISP) being capable of a semblance of competence rather than an organisation of recently evolved Simian con-artists.

How is it possible, in this age of service-orientated businesses, for a company such as BT to take so long to answer a phone?*

How can they charge me for a service that they are not providing and charge me to phone them to tell them so?

How can they close down my communication life-line and not inform me beforehand?

As a last question I would ask the Prime Minister how he can allow one company to do more damage than a thousand virus designers? Is he unaware or complacent ?

If British businesses are dependent on BT, God help us all.
If the Security Forces are dependent on BT, questions need to be asked in the House.

soror Nishi

*I am still on the phone as I speak, (my call ”IS important”), It is now coming up to 90 minutes since I dialed 0845 600 70 30, previously I tried 0800 800 151 and was recommended to ring 0800169 0199 who suggested I go online...if only I could. This is becoming a marathon, maybe I could get sponsorship...

I have almost given up the will to live."

hehhehe... .sounds like I was pretty upset.... ah well, all this to look forward to again... I have two months to prepare myself for these delights...
Isn't life fun..


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