Sunday, 12 July 2009

White Lebed at Erato

Now the post-natal depression that sets in after you have just done an important piece of work (important for you if not for anyone else) is a well known factor amongst those of us that create.

Its like a spiritual exhaustion and it sits like a wet-rat-shaped cloud over you.

So, when you see something that lifts you, a piece of work that isn't dependant on long explanations (I still refuse to believe that narrative is a positive addition to the visual arts (except film and comics)) or facile, glib cliches, but helps you experience, visually, a sort of resolution...well.... it just makes you smile..

White's piece at Erato of Caerleon was real balm for my soul and is surely one of those great pieces that are wise, therapeutic, and visually entertaining at the same time.
It engages and makes you play, leaving you smiling and thinking, and is going down in my book as one of the best things I have seen this year.



  1. Oh, my! thank you, Soror :)
    When I started making this installation I wanted to make something simple visually and rich conceptually. About "going for something", how the goal might appear to be hopelessly blocked, but in fact the opportunities and openings present themselves. You just have to wait.
    When I finished I realized it is more about different ways of reaching for a goal. Will you wait till the opening comes to you? or will you run around looking for it? I was a little surprised at my own reaction when I walked through. I learned a few things about myself, actually :)
    I am very happy you liked my piece. Means a lot.