Monday, 13 July 2009

Soror Nishi gets real

EXPORT..... my first export...:)))

Well, this is my first solid tree and I like the idea of it incarnating into matter. Those of you who read regularly will know that Matter is a particular obsession of mine and it has been very satisfying to work with RL prims.

The thing with RL prims and colours is the degree of accuracy that you can achieve... there are quite a few compromises you have to accept with Virtual building, the most obvious being that my fingers are finer tools than Blender.

so....the Lindens can do what they like with the grid..:))) this one is in my RL inventory now.

Anyway...I will be sending out enquiries to find out if anyone wants a RL tree... they are very expensive to cast in bronze with glass canopy and flowers altho that would be an absolutely amazing piece, about 2000 to 3000 US$ (real money!!) but if there is enough demand I could get them cast in resin (about 500US$). We will see.

This one is about 22 cm tall (9 inches) but it would be great fun to do a few 3 meters tall...:)) a soror Nishi forest in RL... so if you know anyone who wants a commission...:))



  1. Woah, that looks fantastic Soror! What material did you use to make it? I've still got a big lump of clay that i've been meaning to re create a piece with.

  2. Hi, thanks...:))....its made mostly of Super Sculptey the ceramic clay, with plaster and filler....painted with oils and varnish.

  3. ahhh hunny! you fucking genius , this is so good to see , xx looks brilliant :) im so glad the rl project is going well x you know i would have one in the blink of an eye if i thought i could afford it xxx
    i miss you sweet cheeks ,we really need to catch up online soon x
    ....its "the workshop" at the end of this week .....wish me luck!!
    big hugs and kisses , pix