Saturday, 25 September 2010

We deal with it.

There has been a fair amount of criticism levelled at the recent video on Mesh which was brought out with good intentions, no doubt. Both Dusan Writer and Phaylen Fairchild are very annoyed at the 'mesh is with it' comment at the end of the video, but more so with the comments on Dusans blog by amongst others the insecure but arrogant fool who called me uneducated and opinionated for trying to gain some clarity on a previous post.

Luckily there are people around who helped gain a bit of clarity with regard to a couple of my queries.

Now, there are a couple of comments that suggest that, as SL residents, we oppose all changes and 'new things' that LL tries to implement, one comment says...

"Thank goodness the inventors throughout history weren’t SL residents. It continually cracks me up that people in a virtual world, which is cutting edge enough that most people still don’t get it, are all anti-change and AFRAID of learning something new.

This guy who calls himself radar needs to look at our recent history...

1) LL introduces a new viewer that is so amazingly irritating and full of bugs that people shun it like the plague. LL tries to enlist people to work for free fixing something they broke.

2) instead of fixing search, for example, we are offered voice morphing...

3) with things gradually becoming less efficient (post) we are given a name changing possibility which is a griefers charter to cause chaos.

4) SL MarketCockup is an ongoing chaos caused by LL (Snickers post)... again...they broke it.

5) Teen Grid and Avatars United get closed presumably because LL can't make money at it.

I would personally rephrase radar's remark to say..." Thank goodness inventors throughout history did't have to rely on LL....etc"

Against the background of the above history it is no surprise that LL's clients are dubious, worried and sceptical about mesh.

Anne OToole, who only a fool would call uneducated has this to say about mesh..."Everything I have seen of SL mesh thus far looks like amateur dog shit. Like that green turd looking robot thing in that video."

There are still some fairly HUGE gaps in information about mesh that an idiot would dismiss, we have no idea of the prim cost, the maximum file size, or how the poor servers will deal with collada uploads considering what trouble they have with simple textures recently. So, it is naive and pathetic to hail mesh as the best thing since sliced carrots until we see it working.

Now, as a final kick in the private parts to such fools as Steamroller and radar, I would like to point you at the most beautiful post written by Miso Susanowa today.

In spite of everything we have dealt with, in spite of terrible customer service (European office now closed), in spite of early release of dodgy products (even viewer 2.2 isn't as good as TPV), in spite of the pervasive deafness of the Lab, we deal with it, daily, and we create beauty. So stop talking crap, get your heads out of the clouds and realise mesh may not be the new messiah, it depends a lot on how well it is introduced.



  1. Is this what mesh hair is like? this really better than prim hair?

  2. Well, that was my point with that post I did on Madam Mesh, the reply I got was a bit fuzzy, unlike the hair. I can't see it taking off myself.

  3. Give me "new & Shiny" and I won't whine at what's broken?

  4. These kinds of changes are almost never the concept; it's the implementation that makes or breaks the concept. LL's track record on concepts is pretty good; their track record on implementation of concepts is pretty horrible. There is much reason to be skeptical until we actually get a chance to see it in action. The devil is in the detail.

  5. ty Soror; I won't litter you with a mini-essay because you pointed to my post so I don't have to retype it :D

    RE mesh: yes, exciting, la la, pls check EVE Online for a stunning implementation of mass graphics + chat + nolag +far less crashy.

  6. Looks good, but far too frantic for me. Great graphics tho.

  7. As far as I can tell, the main, or at least the loudest, opposition to mesh import is the SL equivalent of RL protectionism: keep me from having to compete with products that are superior to or less expensive than what I can be bothered to make. I have no more respect for that attitude in SL than I do in RL.

    As for hair, the linked-to example is obviously cartoonish, nowhere near the so-called Uncanny Valley--at best the result of not bothering to look for a better example, at worst an intellectually dishonest choice of something obviously not intended to be realistic to put forth as what can be done with mesh. Look at the Blender Gallery at if you REALLY want to see what it's capable of.

  8. @ Melissa...Well, no one I know is worried about the competition.

    The hair,...a third possibilty exists...its called humour... even following your link, the hair is unlikely to impress my girlfriends.

  9. Your unmitigated joy at the introduction of mesh may well be tempered if it is introduced badly, I wouldn't open the champagne just yet.

  10. That is not a relevant example of what mesh hair could be. Here are some examples that are relevant:

  11. I see you saying something along the lines of "Mesh hair will suck" here. Maybe thats a rough translation, but I think it fits.

    In my experience on closed beta, there's only been a few participants working on any mesh hair that I've seen. However, I can tell you that the ability to rig a mesh (hair) to the SL AV can only increase the quality of the end product.

    I don't see any correlation between what you've been posting here and what you apparently *think* mesh hair will look like in the future.

    I'm not clairvoyant, but its hard for me to see anything bad about adding tools to the content creator's toolbox.

    Also, can somebody clarify how mesh could be "introduced badly"? I think its pretty straight forward what LL is doing here.

  12. @ Gianna I am very willing and hopeful to be proved wrong.... there is nothing I would like more than an improved quality.

    @ reed... Well, how could anyone introduce a viewer that doesn't work? How could anyone introduce search or a marketplace that doesn't work? How come textures won't load... ?? It should all be pretty straightforward.

  13. oo that's novel. i enjoy being accused of being intellectually dishonest. it gives me an unexpected thrill.

  14. hehehehe ... and I'm a whiner... oh well...