Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fast, East MicroFun.

Rumours, via Tateru, that Microsoft are looking to buy out the Boys and become our new Lords and Masters have spawned a whole heap of very amusing stuff. Apart from Crap's blog there have been a load of jokes centred around Clippy, the most hated feature ever to have been invented (according to me) or ever likely to be invented in the whole of human existence.

So, for those of you that don't Tweet....

Clippy Linden is now the subject of a number of really good Tweets, his basic saying (for those ignorant of it) was..."bla, bla, do you need help with that?"

#ClippyLinden says "i see you're trying to lose some inventory items, would you like help with that?" from Oh Mead HBH.

#ClippyLinden says "I see you're trying to make a TPV that performs DDOS attacks... would you like some help finding the door?" ELiSchlegal... and also...#ClippyLinden "It looks like your are trying to post on the official SL Forums. Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?"

#ClippyLinden says "I see you're trying to cross sim lines smoothly. Would you like some help laughing at you while you try that?" m_ethaniel

#ClippyLinden It looks like you're trying to lay off 1/3 of your staff. Would you like help with crushing peoples' hopes and dreams? zero.

#ClippyLinden It looks like you're trying to search for something. Would you like some help realising how futile that is? aliceinthenet.

I'm not sure "micro" and "soft" would go over very well in Zindra... #IfMSoftBoughtLL from Lalo_T

...well...this will run and run, and fast easy fun was had by all...



  1. I hear that the rumour came from "Tizzy" if this is true it's more likely to be informed rumour than wild speculation.

  2. actually the rumor came from a Twitter user named @tizzers. Tizzers is the most notorious Woodbury griefer. The Woodbury sim was shut down and the woodburys were banned. Ask Prokofy some time about Tizzers. So consider the source.

  3. whoops...Tizzers Foxchase is a griefer... so there goes that rumour...still it was amusing....

  4. Tizzers was partnered once with one of the characters in Emeraldgate.

  5. "I'm not sure what the PR folks will choose to do. We've had these rumours before, many times. Did make me laugh a lot though, seeing how that rumour spread across the net" --Jack Linden

  6. I don't know why people are laughing. Per my comment on Tateru's blog:

    I guess people don't remember how Microsoft singlehandedly torpedoed VRML by polluting the WWW Consortium's HTML standards by introducing illegal "extensions" in its efforts to sabotage and destroy Netscape. Or how they took The Palace and ran it into the ground to get rid of competition. Or a thousand other such moves.

    We'd be a whole lot farther along towards the true 3D multiverse if Darth Ballmer hadn't swooped in. Don't look to M$ to save your grid. Believe me, I was there then.

    Go see my build, House of Cards, at Burn2 if you want to see the carcasses of worlds destroyed by this kind of M$abotage.

    So, rumor or not, it's no laughing matter.

  7. I don't think anyone would be laughing, Miso, if they thought it was a reality. We all know what MS would do with SL if they bought it.