Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Textures won’t load?

If, like me, you have experienced a wobble in the Force recently with the basic functions of SL not functioning properly then you would be feeling exactly like Juanita in her recent post.... confused and frustrated.

Now... I got this message for 3 days...

“.......The server is experiencing difficulties... uploading texture...xxxxxxxxx...please try again later.”.. well, something similar.

The implication in this message is “ the server has a life as hard as a wing-mirror spider and you are just overloading a poor unfortunate creature through your unceasing demands, please show some restraint.”

Anthropomorphism is a great word, however, we know that the server experiences nothing. It doesn’t know a difficulty from a fish cake. It only “experiences” either a 1 or an 0.

So, the truth of two things...

“We have sacked so many people we can no longer provide basic services”


“Our machinery is so old and borked we can’t coax them into working properly anymore.”

Were I permitted to reply to the person who sends out this message, I would say...

“I am totally disinterested in your feeble excuses, do your job or I will take my custom elsewhere.”

The Lindens have, however, issued two pieces of “good news” to take your minds off this collapse of basic facilities, namely the news about Display Names and the news about Mesh.

So...don’t worry about the present, just think how good The Future is gonna be.

...and bear a thought for those poor noobs who have had their first experience of SL over the last 3 or 4 days.




  1. this is why im not building anymore , its just to frustrating to be fun . bOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hissssssssssssssssss

  2. It gets worse - the sim on the other side of a Linden river won't show no matter what my view distance is set at.

    One of my favorite skins refuses to load.

    I am now a member of zero groups but I do have friends (my profile disagrees - it shows my groups)

    Arrgghh - A very upset Nur.

    However my lifeboat (inWorldz)is not leaking :-)

  3. It seems that IWz is more stable than SL currently.

    My best dress won't load either... and I'm on SL viewer 1.23

  4. my gripe lately has been failing tp's, but i think i figured out that it's because i'm wearing too many attachments (using up available memory for teleporting). if so, why don't the Lindens tell us that! pffft. (thanks to #SLAnnOtoole for the clue.)