Sunday, 26 September 2010

Stuff from a long week.

Its been a long week, or so it seems, but things are starting to quieten down, I hope. I managed to use up all my prims at Burn 2.0 (detail above) and that's well ahead of the opening date which I think is mid October.. so that's one thing finished.

Finally got going on soror Nishi Island in InWorldz, and managed to lay down the structure, unless of course I decide I hate it and start again.. some bits are good tho, so that probably won't happen...

Loved this photo of InWorldz. Loved the fact that Elenia/Tranq posted it. All our dreams and desires in a few machines. They have all been working very hard there, expansion, at this speed is quite tricky to deal with, 600% growth in a few months (concurrency) is not to be sniffed at. The Boys would kill for that sort of growth. Where I think InWorldz has a great advantage over SL is that the Founders (IWz) know, through watching LL how not to do things. Fix things and don't sweep em under the carpet to bug you for years, is probably number one, I would think.

Good interview too with Tranq and Elenia on Metaverse TV here.... leads me to think that seeing the terrible mess LL has got itself into though the use of hype and spin is surely number two lesson of how not to run a Dusan so rightly puts it, it's a world not a platform.

Beyondthematrix Boa was the 1000th person to visit Tree of Trees at IBM C, and I offered him a sort of souvenir as a 'prize', anyway, it turns out that he and his partner Ginger Ling make the most amazing as pictured above with all moving parts etc. anyway... they like my stuff so I built a little islet for

...and my week came to a great end with The Born Again Pagans playing at Benares, courtesy of Brinda, who is surely one of the grids nicest people. I hope to have Hexx and Madame play at IBM next saturday night 3 p.m. ....I will keep you posted.

The Born Again Pagans have a free download of one of their signature songs "Run for the Money' which you can hear here, and download the MP3.

Hope you had and have a good week...


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  1. soror what a nice thing to say.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the show, my virtual world friends are my family.