Thursday, 2 September 2010

UWA ...the last Imagine....

It used to be possible to pop over to UWA to vote for the 'best in show' and be back home in 20 minutes....these days, however, it's a block of time (very well spent) that you have to allocate to view some of the best stuff you are likely to come across all on the same sim.

Apart from beautiful pieces whose style immediately tells you the creator, there are new works by people you/I never heard of before. It's a well spent hour (plus) followed by an impossible decision to pick out three you like most. Great fun.

Now...yummm... how could I not fall for this great tree by Zola Zsun? Absolutely how trees should be made in SL according to my opinion, of course. Great prims and exotic textures... excellent.. I thought it was Pixi's.

Snowy Hobinoo's piece was recognisable a mile off, that's how strong his style is. Better and better prims and better textures too. Love it.

FreeWee Ling always amuses. Here she's made me into a Tarot card... well up to her high standards. This is interactive art that gives a reward, not just an inane click..

Wooo..."Satirical Polemicist", thats quite a title, by Eliza Wierwight, a skilled builder who has shown stuff here before. I really loved the spinning plates and being turned into a music box girl.. quality stuff..

Betty Tureaud has some shuffling commuters on a tube station which had me watching their scripted dance for a longer while...

...and I love a bit of more classic sculpture like this great piece by Penelope Parx, 'resistance NOT futile', great..... great name too...

... and Miso Susanowa, again, classic and well composed....with a touch of humour of's called Prim Charmer.

Now, I have often neglected more '2D' ish art... with very few exceptions they would look better in RL galleries where the poor resolution we live with could be overcome.

HOWEVER, there are more and more exceptions to this as artists use tools not available in RL on their wall art (apart from Anim Smooth)...such as this piece (above) by Sledge Roffo which I really moves so you have to go see it. It's called Strokes.

Similarly this excellent one by PinkPink Sorbet. Things don't have to be amazingly complicated to succeed. This one works well... not for the visually sensitive tho..

....and Alizarin Goldflake's Quarry Hill gets a new twist with the passing of time factored in to her work... simple but v effective. No one draws this well, well, except Aliz, of course.

So...I could continue till my little figures fall off...

There are far too many to mention them all....

Ninka Darkstone's animated dragon stands facing mine.... wonderful.

Kittibee Babii does things with particles that make me green.

Lea Supermarine ... just wonderful..

Nish Mip goes from strength to strength...

and so it continues... some of the best I haven't even'll just have to go see for yourselves.

A word has to be said tho about UWA, and I know I've said it before, but...that won't stop me... In just one year, 12 months, UWA has done more to support artists in SL than the Boys have done in 6/7 years. No wonder it has become the Best Show on the Grid.

Quadrapop and JayJay have worked at this, hard..

..with a smile..

thanks from us all.



  1. Thanks for the kind words, soror. Another stunning show at UWA. It's hard to even imagine that it's not even juried. They had a record 100 entries for this final month of the first year. The level of work never fails to amaze. We can only hope that it can sustain such heights over the coming years. If JayJay has anything to say about it, you can take it to the bank.

  2. WOW.. you mentioned my humble tree. you are one of my plant/art heroes :) i saw all your things one day when a friend saw some tree i had made and took me to your sim. There are so many fabulous people making interesting plants...and i LOVE to make plants (my grandmother would be proud) thank you

  3. Hey Zola. I have a small collection of unusual flowers at the Artemisia Botanical Gardens. You might be interested to see them. There are modest examples by soror, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Vlad Bjornson, quadrapop Lane, and others. Included are a few very rare examples by Kaltusaran Moonsoo, a pre-sculpty flower artist of enormous talent who left SL a couple of years ago.

  4. Dearest Soror :)
    Thank you for the mention amongst so many wonderful artists :) Truth be known you are an inspiration to me <3 I have been an avid collector of your work for some time :) The colours you create often mirror what I see in my mind :) without which I would not be a part of this great competition <3 namaste soror _/\_ kitti xx

  5. Thanks, FreeWee, i am definitely going to check that out :))

  6. Yaay Zola! But Yaay soror too! I just love your stuff soror, as a fae, I just cannot live without your head dresses! And Zola? Talk to you soon! Love the tree! Kiss kiss

  7. interactions like this are what makes me happiest of all thats happened across the year

  8. Magnificent stuff all around. Thanks to JayJay and quad...And Zola, the red, my favest fav of them all, you rock, baby.