Wednesday, 1 September 2010

On being a Linden...

If you are a Linden it seems like your name will have some protection under the new Display Names fiasco.

That is the idea, however, as Buckaroo Mu points out in the comments to the announcement that it is being trialled (here)...
"No "inappropriate" names filter is going to work, and for one simple reason. UNICODE. That's over 100,000 different letters designed to display any written letter/character/glyph in use in any language. Many people get a kick out of using Unicode to write text �pısdn u�op. Guess what? It's also REALLY easy to use Unicode to find characters that look exactly like every letter used in the English language (and most others). Who's going to maintain the table that says you can't use "inden" preceeded by any Unicode codepoint that resembles an L?"

This is a very important point. It is impossible to police.

...and WHY are Lindens more important than us plebs? My name is as important as anyone elses.

Barak Obama was online (not) and ....

It seems to me as if I will not be the creator of the objects I created after (if) I change my name.... but, if someone changes their name to soror Nishi they can then change the permissions on my objects... apparently all objects in search and my inventory will have their name changed to my current preference, but objects across the grid....nope...

As Fred Gandt say.... "I could go on and on and on about this but I can't be bothered."

ColeMarie Soleil has been suspended because she was recently reported by a griefer, it will take a week for the Boys to sort this out... lol....they ain't seen nothing yet...this name change possibility is a Griefers Charter.

So bad I hardly know what else to say....

It could be the single worst "improvement" so far...



  1. that colemarie is a troublemaker. i hope she learns her lesson.

  2. OK...Name changes.
    I know I seem to say this a lot....but...
    I guess it's kinda like that famous actor being questioned on a late night TV talk show after he got caught with a decidedly unattractive prostitute. The show host just looked at him and said, "What the hell were you thinking?"

    What the hell is The Benevolent Monarchy thinking? I see no good coming from this...has a Linden tried a sim crossing lately, or used search, or had an honest assessment of 2.ought oh?

  3. not that I really care, but instead of people rushing to make P Linden a fancy new avatar for free, why doesn't he spend a week shopping around the grid for his new look, dealing with lag, griefers - oh and using the dreaded 2.0 viewer to get around town. Far more useful than a holiday in Yosemite.

  4. @ Wizzy... is she related to you??..::))

    @ Brinda.. as Crap Mariner said a while back, when you find you have dug yourself into a hole,....STOP DIGGING!! the Boys obviously weren't listening (surprised?)...

    @thirza...I agree wholeheartedly, and....make him do it on a lappy rather than his posh desktop.....just watch all those grey pictures slowly rezz only to discover there's nothing there he likes....

  5. U+0001
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  6. Well, if you are not put off by Torley's videos, I believe the last minute of this one shows that no one can conceal their user name from you. You control what you are seeing as far as the user name showing up underneath the Display Name. And the user name, not the Display Name, is one of the properties of an Object.

  7. Miso, don't repeat what you just said in-world... People get banned for far less, as we know! @_@

  8. corcosman...if only you were right.... but, according to those that have trialled it, you aren't.

  9. What? Torley's vid is....faked? It's not actually capturing what is on his screen?

    Well, things have been a bit dull around the grid for the last 24 hours, we could use a fresh conspiracy.