Tuesday, 7 September 2010

InWorldz welcomes big name stores.

Fanciful Muse is pissed off...just wait til she reads this.

Fanciful Muse has decided what sort of an InWorldz she wants. It’s one of peace, love, harmony and dodgy freebies.

She has decided that people who make money are the devil in disguise and certainly doesn’t want them setting up shop in her grid. Worse....she is not alone...

Ever Astounded is absolutely right to rant, she and I have at least some common sense, which is more than can be said for various commentators on the InWorldz forum...more snivelling, tight assed fools.

In ANY WORLD there are expensive goods and cheap crap...that is the consumer society, and, if you wanna eat junk you can buy your food cheaper than anyone else... you want a crap computer...go buy a cheap one...just don’t set down some ground rules for a whole grid.

To think that your cheap spending habits should be applied across a whole grid is plain daft, and I would not waste virtual ink, normally, except I would hate people to think you represented anything but a tiny demented hippy minority.

Grow up.



  1. Jim Tarber has weighed in on this (as have I, in the comments).

    Ever Astounded is astoundingly wrong about a lot of things in her rant. The most egregious might be that she's declared there's some kind of "Inner Circle" in InWorldz (at least she realizes that FIC is already copyrighted by Prokofy...)

    I say "might be" the most egregious, except that Ever then commented in Jim's blog to the effect that mentors should be careful of what they say -- even when they're not acting as mentors -- simply because they are mentors.

    What that sounds like to me is Ever blaming something other than her own lack of critical thinking for mistaking the blather of one person in InWorldz as grid policy.

    Yes, Marie is wrong. Yes, Ever is wrong, too. InWorldz is not to blame for either of their mistakes.

  2. True, Lalo, I was very keen to state the opinion of many, namely, that big name stores are very welcome in InWorldz by most right thinking people.
    I am very aware that the founders of IWz have worked for more or less nothing for years ( 18 months?) and will not be lying around in silk sheets sipping champagne while they count their dollars, but that is a common misconception amongst people who have not started or run their own business. The period of expansion is the most difficult stage to manage because of cash-flow.

    Jim was right to pick her up on the points he did, but the idea that IWz is a commercial-free hippy enclave is more dangerous, I think, than the idea that everyone is getting rich.

    A budding economy is basically what we need rather than a world of freebies like OpenSim.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your last statement.

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  4. ...that's a shame you removed that comment, Anamenti....