Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Best of Soror

soo....a new show, thanks to Juanita of Virtual Treeline Galleries.

I have set out some of my newer work along with some very early stuff, like my first prim and my first flower, and tried to put these things alongside my most recent textures, trees, flowers and prims. The Best of Soror, like a compilation CD....:)))

It's really to show an outline of what I have been up to for the last three years......... not only of personal interest cos I think it shows what new builders can do if they keep at something and develop it.......hehhehe.... funny to see my first sculptie, it's really crap, but I have also a shelf of my best ones too.

I have also shown some of the stages in my search for the ultimate low prim tree, a sort of chronological arrangement of my flowers and my most recent textures.

There are some very old trees upstairs, including the 4th Ancient One, alongside The Bubble Tree which is my 94th Ancient, and downstairs is my very latest tree...called "Tree Sisters", the 95th Ancient One.

Anyway....the show starts at 2 PM SLT Sunday, 21st March at The Virtual Treeline Gallery...

Virtual Treeline is an interesting project and one worth supporting, you can read a bit about it here or talk to Juanita Deharo, who is a very good artist and an all-round Good Egg.

Do pop over if you have time, it's next to Alizarin Goldflake's place where we had a great party last night to celebrate her new gallery ....the layout is very cool and the sort of thing I love to to cam around and plenty of space given to her lovely pieces.

Colemarie Soleil played live last night and unfortunately the sim was full and it was my bed time..... no suprise here, then.... she's such a popular person as well as having a great voice.

Ah well, let's hope you do this more frequently Colie....



  1. I don't think you know any bad eggs

  2. True. I have met a few but they don't get more than a couple of minutes....:)))