Thursday, 25 March 2010

Scottius Polke

There are about 12 good photos I have of this build, but I figured it would just spoil your surprise when you get there, and, believe me you have to go, you will love it.

Scottius Polke, along with Alizarin Goldflake and I don't use photographed textures... there are many other I'm sure, though not enough yet.... and I have often stated quite clearly before why photographed textures are a poor alternative. For those new to these pages, or haven't been paying attention (I may be asking questions later so take notes).... We are used to seeing photos and printed images at a resolution of 300, but the web and SL are all using a resolution of 72. The result is gonna look cheap and't do it. :))))

Why drag poor images of a "real" world into something that could be so much more...????

In his own words....

"The process of creating Lunamaruna has spanned several months, and could not have been completed without the help of the following people:

Zachh Cale: For curating and generously lending art space for this build, as well as being Sounding Board and Gentle Critic.
Kimba Sideways: Prim and Texture Aligner Extraordinaire, and Idea Maven like none otter, er other.
Alexx Fenstalker: Bringing the island to life with Amazing Animations
Desdemona Enfield: Most Ingenious in all things scriptly..."

...just pop along to see Scottius's latest build.... here.

There's a narrative there , if you want to find's not rammed down your throat, nor is it compulsory for your viewing pleasure.... I personally let my eyes find what they like and enjoy. ... enjoy they did.

This would be the sort of town/ village I would live in, given the chance.

This is the SL I expected to find when I first logged on nearly 3 years ago, and...

..this is the sort of build I would use to promote what is possible in SL instead of those nasty images that appear on my screen when I log on.

Otterly fantastic (the poor puns are obligatory)...



  1. Yay for scottius :D
    I filmed this too for NWN
    I really love his stuffs :D

  2. excellent..... just perfect for filming