Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Well, not much to add to that really.... just...oooo.....

I can actually see what I have built now, so that's pretty interesting, and, standing in my workshop I got an fps that went up to

anyway...I have got most everything working on it except my iWork software which my new computer (called Max) looked down his nose at and said..."I don't think so..." think he may be a bit snobby when it comes to 2004 software...oh well...

Everything works together too, I can have Gimp, SL, Blender and music playing at the same time which is gonna be very good. I used to have to log off of SL before I opened anything else before.... and I couldn't play a uTube thingy while in SL, so gonna have to do some experimenting .

... so...I have a new show at Treeline starting on Sunday and it's gonna be a sort of retrospective. ..... and Saturday Aliz is having a party at her re-modelled studio.... before then I have some weeding to do inbetween playing with Max.



  1. darn..... I should give you all the technical stuff....

    Max is.....

    Quad Core Intel Xeon, 2.66 GHZ. 3 Ram, 512 Nvidia GT102, and stuff....
    and the screen is iiyama 24 inch.

  2. WOOT!!! congrats soror... the next move will be two monitors - though you may be able to use your old lappy for that second screen (BTW CC offered to get me a second _bigger_ screen! The poor boy seems to want to feed my sl addiction.)

  3. oooo O.O ooooooo ......... >.< ..... O.O ooooooooooo

    :D yay!