Monday, 1 March 2010

UWA, people's choice.

Every month UWA has one award which is chosen by you...well.... only if you go and look...

There are 70 entries, this month, and everyone is worth a look and some are worth two looks. I know it takes a bit of time and some people might think they are too busy to go see...well... they are wrong.

I don't know of any show in SL that is more worth visiting, for a number of reasons..... firstly, you don't have to look at twenty pieces by the same artist (phew), secondly, you see work by people you never heard of, and lastly, it's a real source of inspiration... Probably more reasons too...:))

Sharni Azalee, wow, now here's someone who can texture, thank the gods, absolutely beautifully crafted piece, thoughtful, original and a pleasure to the eye.... called "Making Love'.

Feathers can turn you into an Angel...:))

Samara now my graphix card, as I have bemoaned before is not quite up to this one, but it is a stunning piece, well, pieces actually, not quite sure which was which, but as they are sooo brilliantly loved them both.

FeeWee Ling's piece last month was wonderful and, this month it is even more wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.....being rescued by a hunky robot...soo cool.

...and a nice piece of Steampunk by Atomic Gaffer, something for everyone.....

There are a number of so-called immersive pieces there too, but Aliz's Night Light is, in my opinion, streets ahead of the rest. She really is a Texture Queen...

Now...obviously these are just the tip of the pop along and make time to wander have a week...


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