Tuesday, 30 March 2010

SaveMe, save my sanity....

Yes, SaveMe Oh has another art show, and it is priceless......

Impressed by the doodles of our supreme leader, (which reminded me of stuff I did when I was about 14), and particularly impressed by the following these invoked, Saveme has the ArtWhores MoneyRun on show ...here...

Make sure you get the freebies from the box and wear them...it is hysterically funny....

Full details of the Banning and Unbanning of our delightful anarchist are to be found reported on her blog here.

.....still annoyed by a certain french bunch of pirats.... Saveme continues her critique of SL art on the next floor up...

...and Aliz, wearing a doodlely type of outfit....(one said "I have been doodled").... pictured here at a mock version of Dan Coyotes hyperfermentation retrospective on the next floor up from Idiots..... make sure you try the animations...I Am Animation...:))

....now...I have already said a load of good stuff about SaveMe, I think "My art is better than your art" is a complete classic.... but once again she has shown us just how important it is to have a Saveme in SL.

She is a thorn in the side or pure delight, depending on how up your own arse you are....



  1. Soror, I can't say thank you as it would ruin my image.

  2. good...you are a mad woman and should be banned...(does that help??)

  3. They tried that, but now Jayjay starts to UNBAN me. I am in a mental crisis as my biggest fear is to be cuddled to death.

  4. Don't worry.... still a long way to go before that happens.

  5. Um... i just want to say, those "I got Doodled" tshirts were, uh, slipped to me by a chinese-sounding man in a dark alley at midnight behind the warehouses on the docks of a disreputable, uh, harbor somewhere and did NOT, emphatically, come from my own hand... nuh uh... His name, strangely enough, was either "Joe" or "Jose," hard to tell... but it wasn't me. I categorically deny any such etc etc.

    And btw, SaveMe loves me now. Or she did, awhile ago. Not sure at present. But I love her as only a sister would. And she makes some wonderful work. Except she stole my best sweater and stretched out the boobies part -_-

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  7. ps that is why SaveMe fears me above all other avatars... for my SuperCuddling ability. Fair warning, "Cheery" Oh...

  8. hehhehehe......she is right to be wary...:))