Friday, 19 March 2010

God, Max and I... and other stuff

Well, after a fairly good run of weather here in my little corner of Google Earth, it's turned sour and wet and generally grotty, tho, obviously not as bad as Queensland where things may be closed down for a while.

Well, it seems to me that God has let me down, and the Holy Ghost and worst of all, he's let himself down. It's not funny and it's not clever.

Now, this has come to be a Second Life issue because of Max, my new machine.... when I was grinding my slow way around SL on Baby Mac the little graphix thingies were hot enough to warm up my keyboard to such a degree that I could have baked a pizza on my lappy. Now, however, Max just purrs, (although my neighbour complained yesterday that my computer has been interfering with his radio signal (he doesn't know about Max) and I am wondering if the street lights dim when I turn him on in the morning) ......he doesn't even approach room temperature and certainly isn't breaking into a sweat .....leaving me with a freezing cold right hand. (there ya go..more RL info to go on that future profile that will leave us no alternative but disclosure...)..soo...what's the point of this little chat..well, .. coin a recently critised phrase......"There is nothing to stop.."....Mac producing a little electric blanket for my mouse. I need a winter mouse, clad in fur and a summer mouse in ice-cool aluminium, otherwise I am gonna be sitting here next winter looking like a demented Michael Jackson lookie-likee with one hand clad in a wooly glove.

In other (equally important) news.... Zha's comprehensive piece on the new viewer says about everything you could say on this new turn in our lives......(no, I didn't read it all either) seems from Q Linden that...there will be no choice of it or lump it... check out his comments

Interestingly, in regard to my recent rant about megas, Q Linden makes a point of telling us that LL has used the equivalent of 50 years work to produce this new just goes to confirm my suspicions that mega's are possible but the will is lacking, not the expertise...

...and...I must say, much as I am really very positive about the stability of the grid and the amazing things we have created on it, that the new "beautiful people" Second Life advertising is a major mistake in my eyes for hundreds of previously blogged reasons.

As disclosure becomes more and more the desired outcome for financial reasons and the objectors are marginalised and ridiculed (the normal process according to Naom Chomsky) a migration of older residents who enjoy their partial anonymity is an obvious outcome. Beautiful typists will then be the order of the day. The relief that many of us feel, being able to socialise on a bad-hair-day/year/life will disappear...or.... people will simply post very old photos on their's of celebs..

As it seems to me that society is pretty sick, (in that it is what you look like rather than what you accomplish that counts) it seems to me a mistake to use this sickness as a main marketing compaign philosophy, but... what do I know...



  1. Q's invocation of the "50 man-years" is not the first I've seen... It makes me wonder if that's not Lab code for "We paid *how much* for this POS???"

    A "man year" is, roughly, 2000 hours (40 hrs/week x 50 weeks, assuming 2 weeks vacation). You can get to 50 of them in many ways: 25 people for two years; 50 for one; 100 people for six months... I believe 50 man-years went into the Viewer 2.0 beta, coded by 200 people in three months.

    How many monkeys typing randomly does it take to reproduce "King Lear"?

  2. @Lalo...hehehehehe....good point.