Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Recipe

Well, if I get any more advice on how to bake the perfect roast potatoes from the radio and TV I will probably scream, and I really don’t need to know about some idiot who has made brussel sprout ice-cream which tastes like crap, but, hey, it’s Christmas.... and in an obviously slow news week I am informed that my turkey this year should:
1. be free-range
2. organically fed
3. have been on holiday for two weeks expenses paid
4. have had the benefit of a private education
5. be humanely killed, though I seriously doubt that the turkey is in any state to care, I mean, really, that has to be one of the decades oxymorons.

In other strange events I was given another panettone, this one is bigger than my kitchen, I smiled and said thank you, it’s not good form to say, “Wow, what a crappy present.” I might save up for a few years and build the worlds first panettone house.....

This all might sound like a bit of a “Bah, humbug..” but really, I have honestly ended up in bed one year on Christmas day from exhaustion and that is never gonna happen again, likewise spending several hours in a car is not my idea of a I will be chilling..:))

I had cause to read last years Christmas blog, which is slightly more intellectual for those of you that missed it... it’s here.

..and I would, of course, like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, but some years you have crappy ones so don’t worry, enforced jollyness can drive you insane......oh, yes and fuck the roast potatoes, make some sandwiches.