Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Streamlife and The Born Again Pagans.

Well, I don't often go to live music events but was very happy yesterday to have been tped in to Streamlife on the occasion of their birthday.

Life Charron, the sponsor and brains behind the place seemed a thoroughly nice person and the music I heard there, (didn't have time to visit the gallery....sorry), was pure quality.

First up I heard MelodyBlue Melody who has one of those classic voices that ooze smoky night clubs. Strong and evocative of bygone eras, excellent.

But..... Texx Triskaidekaphobia and Madame Amoufhaz really gripped me and I could hardly (and very unwillingly) drag myself away. I hope to hear them again as I am a new fan..... of The Born Again Pagans...

The slurl is here.

The Born Again Pagans website is here