Sunday, 20 December 2009

You gotta laugh, they say.

Well, couldn’t really resist, as everyone else has something to say on the subject, thinking a bit about Copenhagen. It’s pretty obvious to me that having a nice little holiday in Denmark was a very nice break for those thousands of delegates and, as the world sinks or fries, their decision to do it all again was really bound to happen.

The people who make decisions about our lives are, after all, the people who want badly to be our friends. People who’s main talent is baby-kissing are always gonna shy away from telling us to stop spending and reduce our afluent lifestyles. Safest to “keep talking” and leave the hard choices alone as much as possible.

..and, nice for the protesters too, knowing that any windows they break will be recycled and that, as they crumple under the blows of a policemans trungeon that it is almost certainly made from wood from a sustainable Scandinavian forest. “Prevention detention” reducing their hotel bills too ....... double whammy.

The carbon footprint of rioting thus reduced the moral high ground is theirs.

I have an intelligent boiler that heats my house, it's so intelligent it doesn't let me decide when it should come on. It's decided I should reduce my carbon footprint too... and won't listen to me no matter how much I curse or belittle it with sarcastically cutting remarks.... it has the moral high ground too. I am out-smarted by a boiler.

I was told this week by one of my clients, in totally unrelated news, about an incident they had with their young son (8?9?) at bedtime. Always interested in the more macabre sides of existence the talk turned to the praying mantis.

“Yes”, the mum said “the lady praying mantis does eat the man after sex.” Somewhat pleased to be able to confirm educational facts of the natural world to her offspring...

“But, Mummy, if they are lesbian praying mantises......” (mummy blushes and gulps)

"......... who eats who?” the little boy wondered.

Mummy managed to get out of the door before she collapsed in hysterical fits of laughter.

Ahhh...... the benefits of a modern education.


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  1. My boiler came on the instant I published this post, obviously can't take the bad publicity. It does have blueberry connection to a website, apparently, even if its basic functions dont work.