Thursday, 31 December 2009


Well, it’s the end of the year. 2010 is a strange sort of a number it sounds like ‘the Future’ and brings with it all sorts of expectations. As we know tho not a lot changes, small steps lead us from one future to the next.

Second life isn’t about to look like Avatar (which I haven’t seen yet as I’m waiting for it to come round to the cute little cinema near me) neither our computers or ISP are ‘man enough’ as yet.

I do think, and, as you know, I’m an optimist, that the art of SL will start to have an effect on the RL art world more in this coming year. We saw the start of this already this year and that will grow. Art magazines and media in general are always looking for the next big thing, and we are that.

A movie like Avatar has a more powerful effect than we currently can envisage. I have already spoken to one man who has come back to SL after having seen the movie. He knows SL isn’t like that, but knows that one day it will be.

LL could do well to remember that too. I have very strong doubts that the prospect of recreating RL in SL is gonna wow anyone. It is surely all the things, experiences and events that can’t happen in RL that are gonna, in the end, be what draws people to, and holds them fascinated in VWs.

Building housing ghettos, roads and dodgy landscapes is not gonna wow anyone. Business uses are not gonna save SL. The core is the creativity. If LL concentrates on the talent it has and smoothes the way for those creating content it will continue to flourish. Business users come and go, there’s no real investment, no soul, that a company puts into SL that can’t have the plug pulled from one day to the next.

Losing Orange this last year is a case in point. We lost good friends connected with that too, but Orange can make a board room decision, and, byeeeee.

I was sad to see the end of Angelgate in 2009 too. The work that White had put in, and I loved the layout of the gallery, well, we still have White..

UWA arrived tho in 2009 and have been an unexpected bonus. Neither they, nor us, could have foreseen the huge popularity of their monthly competitions. It’s become like the biggest “show and tell” in SL in very few months. .... and their ‘secret’ is... well, just let creativity shine. Simple..... oh, yes, and be pleasant...

Koinup has surprised me too, Pier has really decided to go for it. It’s become a fairly comprehensive blog and I’m happy to play a small part in it. While still mourning the loss of the NPIRL blog, which will never be replaced, I fully understand the huge commitment Bettina would have needed to put into it on a daily basis. It needed a sponsor really.

And Bettina’s ‘travels’ are quite symptomatic too. There are many people I know now who are looking around, not to escape, but to expand... It seems the question is, if SL is gonna take another 5 years to get to where I want it to be, what can I do in the meantime? Friends of mine are looking to RL now, not for inspiration but for new sales opportunities.. we have become expansionists. Today SL, tomorrow ...The World... hehehehe.

So, 2009 has been a ‘slow’ year, both in terms of sales in SL and expansion of SL, life in RL has been hard for many. Hopefully we have turned a corner and ‘the only way is up’... as long as LL don’t shoot themselves in the foot too often, I am looking forward to a bright new year.

...and, the thing that fills my life with joy ... my friends, and you, dear reader ... may the metaphysical sun shine down on you all and brighten and warm your sweet souls.

I love you all



  1. Hmm. I accept them as "biggest show and tell of SL" when they regularily hit 50+ people audiences every week for as long as we do with our show and tell in (nowadays) Avaria ;). Or running for something along 150 shows like Flo and I now do (quite a bit over 200 shows if we add Zonax' time to it, since we are the "child" of Zonax' Primworx show and tell)

    Not that size is everything, and I am sure that UWA's monthly contest is a great event, but hey, claiming "biggest" should have some kind of reasoning behind it ;)

    But I aqree with the "secret" behind some creative events - don't put up too many rules, have a basic simple "be creative, be nice, try new stuff" thing is much better than "best in red"-kind of events.

  2. ...not to escape, but to expand...

    I think that should be the credo of the Transworld movement -- at least, the part of it that began in Second Life and is now moving into OS grids of various kinds, and Blue Mars.

    Happy 2010, soror, from 15 hours in your 'past' :)

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  4. @ Lalo and Isabella....thx xxxx
    @ Barney ....I did call it a "show and tell". It isn't a Show and Tell. Yours is wonderful. Accuracy has never been an aim in my blog. UWA does have more artists competing than any other competition I know, and it has the biggest prize money. Whether the same can be said when it has been around for 4 years like yours, only time will tell, but in the few months they have been going they have achieved much.