Thursday, 3 December 2009

Watering down the wine

Well, the Companion has opened as those reading my last two posts will obviously know. There's a fair few nice shots of it on

...and, look hard and you'll find my flying goat with an anim by Frigg Ragu that's a freebie, it's in the stall by the wooden castle...

Anyway, the story is about a young man, they always are, on his path to individuation (a Jung word)... and the first part of his journey takes him to the Vintner (wine-maker) who is frozen in ice outside the church, dead but unburied. Anyone who is so mean spirited as to water down wine before selling it to friends and neighbours is gonna be met with the same meanness as he showed others. So, only right that they should be as penny-pinching as he was and not pay for his funeral.

All good morality tale stuff, do unto others and all that. Luckily the young traveller has a different take on it. Justice is one thing and love another....(Brand is my fav. Ibsen drama, a story of the god of righteousness vs the god of love)...and shells out the few Kroner that are needed to get the old sinner interred in Mother Earth. ....and all good things flow from this act of generosity.

Now I couldn't help wondering if I was watering down my wine,.... wine in these contexts often used as an image of the blood, or generally, passion. ...and of course we are all a little guilty of "suppressing the sound of our own breathing', i.e. not living life to the full, being a party-pooper at our own festival. We have as many excuses as the Vintner probably thought he had, and more, probably. ......and our souls can get rather encase in this frozen mass of inhibitions....

Which is why I thought it was a very fitting tale for SL. Obviously if you are a pain in the arse in RL you will be the same in SL, and generally rain on everyone's parade in all worlds, but if you are held back (as we all are) in RL by conventions, norms, taboos, education, culture etc etc...then... SL is such a wonderful opportunity to "let your hair down". .... and there are a few people who have said how much more confident or assertive they feel in SL...and hopefully that seeps out into RL......

So let's make some full-bodied rich wine, and have a ball... bring your RL personna with you if you must but leave your preconceptions at the login page...or you'll never dance with dragons.


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  1. *sigh* I didn't mean you...:))... or anyone in particular, just a general thought....