Saturday, 5 December 2009

Mark Linden (scoop)

Your intrepid virtual explorer/reporteress has once again got her little fingers (well, ears actually) on a tasty little morsel....

In a pleasantly surprising move, to be announced tomorrow at the UWA November Awards party, and intimated in my Koinup post Mark Linden and I....Mark Linden will join the judges panel at The University of Western Australia for these, much praised, awards. This confirms my deep held belief that this university is doing more for the arts than anyone else in SL, a view that Mark Linden maybe agrees with, and, hopefully, learns from (re. LL).

Jayjay Zifanwe (yes, I know I spell his name differently every time I blog...) was extremely pleased at the move and, well, he and Quadrapop have worked hard to achieve what they have in these few months and deserve all the support they get. 59 artists have submitted for the November competition, and this alone tells a lot about the 'management'.

For those of you who don't have this event firmly marked in your diaries its 5am SLT (well, yes, it's one event the West Coast does have to get up very early for...) on Sunday 6th December, i.e. tomorrow.'



  1. I've heard many good things on what's been going on there, from Quadrapop and good friend White Lebed who recently moved there.

  2. Yes, indeed, I am a strong supporter. I blogged White's move in my Koinup post, Jayjay was very pleased she agreed.