Sunday, 27 December 2009

La Madeleine

Yesterday, Boxing Day, so called because the poor got boxes of food from the rich on this day rather than the day you beat up your relatives, saw the first Salon hosted by Isabella at her home.

La Madeleine is the name of a group of people invited around for polite conversation, very good cakes, cigars, unlimited alcohol and a little dancing after the intellectual pursuits.

The conversation continued after a small contribution by me, loosely titled "Why Jung would have loved SL", and was brought to an end by the RL duties of some and the need to 'cut a rug' by others. All in all a successful start to this venture which we wish Isabella all the best for.

Earlier around 30 people gathered at Alizarin Goldflake's gallery to hear the talented Seba Sideways play the sax, it was a truly delightful performance, the mood very much suited the day and was thoroughly enjoyed by all I would think.

For those who haven't had the chance I can highly recommend a tour around Ali's work... more details on her website

Otherwise I hope to start building a new show today at Pirats, I have a load of new textures made especially for the show and 4 or 5 new trees that have not been shown before... I will, of course, keep you updated, dear reader, ....the date for the opening will be the 5th January.... details later.

Well, having now eaten enough calories to climb Mount Everest I am looking forward to a more normal diet and a few days pure SL before I start back to work....nice..


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