Monday, 7 December 2009

Arty thoughts and stuff

Well, as often happens a couple of comments have had my brain going this weekend... firstly a new friend and customer, seeking to help me get my act together asked me to think strategically about where I was going with my art, and Quad commented on a previous post about copybotting (if indeed that is a verb, seems like everything can be nowadays).

So....hanging behind me, (RL!!!) on the wall is the above painting I did just before encountering SL.

The quote is very very old and actually relates to Alchemy (which used to be known as The Art), and the words basically mean that perfection has to be sought inside yourself before you go chasing around the globe looking for it. Trying to distil gold from goat poo is not gonna work no matter how long you go at it.

So...the rather 'outsider art' image that goes with it shows the old king (talked about this before in one of my "psychology of virtual existence" posts.... here) being cooked up, in an effort to redeem the Old and morph it into something new.

But...the snake has not taken on the form of the Oruborus (pictured below)

.... symbolising the Increatum , and the man is part animal, part human (I had never seen a neko at this point or he would have had ears too) the inference is, that without some sort of completion this poor soul might as well throw his paint brushes on the fire.

Now, that's a pretty extreme statement, mine are still packed away in a box, and not one I would honestly recommend.

BUT..... it does really depict my view on art. Art is a process of individuation, and not to be confused with the bi-product, which is the 'artwork', the 'piece'.

I don't really have any strategic plan or ambitions for my bi-products, hence no fear of them being stolen or copied. End of. other news......

Have had a massive shopping spree at Alpha Auer's place, went dancing at Alienspeaking , then turned up for the UWA awards......very well documented here

My Koinup piece was good enough for NWN to link to it, (a feather in my cap) and just before Magoo got returned I had two sims in Search > Showcase > Hot Spots..... all good.

Wizzy again amazed me with her travels to Ancient Archeological Sites.... pictured .. here at the oldest place on the grid... Da Boom, or Great Zero. She likes to sit on things.

...and loved Ravenelle's new images here and here...

Sort of a mixed week really, like a lot of arty types I get a bit of post-natal depression so the blogging has been slack....sorry (not very sorry)... oh, yes, made a new's in the UWA December Competition.... only place to see it so far. Pop over if you are dying to see it...hehehhhehehee

...and Happy Rezz Day Lalo


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