Sunday, 23 August 2009

Disney PG Utopian Reality...

Well, it seems to me that a few people have been rather side-tracked by the new Rezzable sculpture of a fat lady asleep.
Duh!! the point is not her size, altho (hopefully) that's an anti-fashion-magazine statement (who knows)...the point is the realism.

Its the realism that we should be talking about, in my humble (hmmm, not very humble) opinion. The phrase that hasn't faded from my brain is one given by our Big Leader to all assembled Lab Rats at the SLCC...something like..." to create an option to reconstruct the entire world as we know it today in a digital form"......

Now, that, alongside the recent sculpture by Unknown Machinery, has left me slightly uneasy.
Reality is totally subjective.... how "real" are we gonna get?
Not real enough to include sex and gambling apparently... so...a sort of Utopian reality?
Will tails be banned? (no tails in Blue Mars, I think).
Will non-humans have to live on their own continent?... Smoking? ...Vampires?....smoking vampires??

I don't really see the point of the sculpture, except that it can be done. Photography is surely the same....'reality' starts getting interesting when you start to distort it, play with it, mess it up ..... isn't that how art starts?

Photography without Photoshop is like chips (freedom fries) without vinegar.

Is the future of Virtual Worlds a Huge Map? just a 3D map of the world....all its lumps, bumps, drain pipes and pimples accurately depicted in Utopian cyberspace, because, of course, the ugly and politically incorrect will be banned.......

so... we await a sort of Disney PG Utopian Reality... accurate in all its censored detail?

And they wonder why people aren't flocking into SL??
well..... how many documentaries draw a huge audience??? People want NPIRL, Fantasy, Sci Fi..... the fat woman is surely a nice person, accurately depicted...., but I'd rather see a dragon.

Get real !! ...we gotta get unreal, or we'll fade away.



  1. Thanks so much!!!

    You hit the lard on its head!!!


  2. I think both the choice of shape and the extreme realism are worth discussing. I touched on both in my own comments on the piece.

    I hope that this extreme control over shape and texture means that we can have even more awesome dragons as well as even more awesome humans (and aliens and robots and dancing plants and things we haven't even thought of).

    And we will. If not in SL (which would be a pity imho), then somewhere else...

  3. Yes, and I enjoyed your blog when I read it earlier.

    I still have concerns about the exclusion of the amateur which I haven't touched on here as others have in posts concerning Blue Mars, but, as you say, if we get squeezed out we will, like toothpaste, end up somewhere......