Monday, 31 August 2009


OK, so we all applaud the latest 'look' of SL, by that I mean the new improved website. It is a good deal better than the previous poor offering but.....

It seems to me that LL is putting all its eggs in one basket showing no single non-human avatar and no hint of any fantasy landscape....

I joined SL specifically because I was told..."in SL you can be everything you can't be in RL"....

Here are a few snaps I took in 30 minutes on Friday morning.....

This is "rising in light" by Truthseeker Young... totally unlike anything you could ever see in RL..

...similarly... "Home of Metaverse TV" by Lumier Noir, I believe.... exactly the classical sort of Sci-Fi stuffIi would expect to see in a Virtual World...

Three snaps taken in Spiral (Glow King) Walcher's piece...The Glow Show...

Now, nothing even approaching this sort of experience is even hinted at in the new improved face of SL.... all the eggs are in a basket marked REALISM, HONESTLY, REALLY REAL... hmmmmm (PG Utopian Reality)

Well....realism... The Last Word on Realism has been given by my good friend Alizarin Goldflake... viz..

[16:00] Alizarin Goldflake: so I have a suggestion for those who want realism in SL
[16:00] soror Nishi: oh yes
[16:00] Alizarin Goldflake: just log off
[16:00] soror Nishi: hehehehehehehe

What else is there to say????


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