Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Busy day..

Firstly, White wanted to photo all the artists before Angelgate was dismantled so she has a record. I'm very keen on the documenting of stuff which comes and goes so quickly.

This is a blue man who dropped in at my place. This is Shhh Riddler, a man who is closely related to Sporadic Flow and the famous Kaltusaran Moonsoo. Readers of my early blogs will know he was my building guru and friend when I first came into SL. A talented and sorely missed builder.We had a good chin-wag as I was sending out my invites to the Forest of Light.

This is the Green Man, a piece by Snowy Hoobinoo which will be the site of his new store. Snowy writes a blog and Twits and is a talented builder of Flora Virtua Exotica.
I had to pop over to see it for myself, being interested in all that sort of thing....

A talented man...keep you eyes peeled for his new stuff at epiStems...



  1. Woot! Snowy used to be my next-door neighbor in Extropia! / runs off to search for Snowyblog.

  2. snowys blog is