Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dear Reader

Well, having just hit 12k page turns on this little blog...(which needs a bit of work, I know).'s always interesting to know if its just one mad person looking 12,000 times at my musings.....or 12000 people who mistakenly came across my blog and immediately left....

So I thought it only right that I share some statistics courtesy of StatCounter. com (thanks boys) and it seems that altho a lot of my readers are English...there are all sorts of nationalities stumbling upon these words.

One person in a boat off the west coast of are YOU??

and, I understand ....19% of you spend more than 20 minutes reading my stuff ....hmmm...I think that might be a mistake, either by Statcounter, or a mistake by the culprits... :)) altho...there are over 500 posts now...most of them a bit dull, it's true.... but a few gems inbetween. ...maybe I should do a ..."best of..."

hmmm... only trouble is, I'd have to read thro them I do have a life...


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