Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Magoo Soup on Thursday

Well, more of a stew really...
I have been invited, along with some pretty cool folk to show a piece at the new show opening Thursday, 6th August at Soup Magoo.

The idea is that all the people who didn't get to win the BiW competition should strut their stuff courtesy of Mab MacMoragh....aided and abetted by monCherrie AfterThought...

Now the official opening is Saturday.... and its called SLon des Refuses

"Opening Reception: Monday, Aug 10, 7PM SLT, with a special performance by Tuna Oddfellow"

These are the cool people showing....quite a list I think..... its at Soup Magoo.... Magoo (161,155,71) IM me for an LM if you can't find it yourself...

socks clawtooth
sowa mai
banrion constantine
ally aeon
nessuno mayoo
elros tuominen
soro nishi
robin moore
strawberry holiday
klink epsilon
azdel slade
corcosman voom
tsui yamabushi
hollow prim
dekka raymaker
penumbra carter
shellina winkler
man michinaga
monet destiny
sunn thunders
scotsgraymouser janus
cinco pizzicato
arm strom
ford herberie
four yip
shirley marquez

omg... hope I haven't forgottten anyone...


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