Thursday, 13 August 2009

Angst and Addiction ......RL vs. SL..

Now, as a phenomenon, it is quite interesting that my “normal” Human consciousness should feel guilty that I spend many hours a day in Virtual Worlds enjoying my “Artificial Intelligence” so much. [(by the way, I got over this ages ago)].

This guilt may be due to Pre-Internet days when work was something that you had to leave home to do and entailed getting dirty or tired... NOT fun...
.....and Victorian morals of Honesty entailed being ‘who you say you are’ (unless you were in Showbiz or a famous author)....
....“Who You Are”, however, is a mine field of preconceived nonsense revolving around the mythical idea of The Integrated Personality and the deluded idea of the “Real” (see earlier posts).

Apart from the interesting fact that this guilt is common (at some stage in their lives) in serious users of Virtual Worlds, it is really quite boring... It is boringly similar to all other forms of Angst..... get over it.

It is only natural that I am interested in SL........I am far more interesting than my Human .........for a number of reasons....

1) I have a wider circle of friends and engage in more interesting social activities.
2) I am financially independent and support myself through my artistic abilities.
3) I constantly redesign myself and my surroundings.
4) I live in a world populated by dragons, elves, and many other mythical beings, all of whom are manifestations of archetypes (a subject that fascinates me).
5) I have a social conscience, I am aware of my obligations to this new world and try to help the unfolding awareness of a new Virtual Consciousness.
6) This world is a therapeutic refuge which my Human benefits from emotionally and psychologically.

No-one who rehearses piano 4 or 5 hours a day would talk, seriously, about their “addiction”
... did Van Gogh think he was addicted??

No....crystal meth is an addiction, it ruins lives, health and society......
SL/ VW is NOT an addiction: it’s an art form, a medium, therapy, community, research centre.....lots of things ...

next person who calls it an addiction will get this rant thrown at them...


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  1. thank you, the range of articles referred to here is astonishing.. thanks for thinking this stuff through and leaving breadcrumbs for the rest of us